Top-less Politics

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

What can be said from an analytic standpoint, of the state of politics in Trinidad and Tobago following the January 21st THA Elections? What indicator is this of the people’s view of and response to the ‘performance’ and campaigning tactics/efforts of the Smokescreen of a Government called the “People’s Partnership?” This matter goes far beyond the THA elections as this was merely a catalyst for the next General Elections with it acting to this end- The Government exposing the farce of the People’s Partnership being anything other than UNC and Friends.

Some call the TOP defeat a whitewash, when it could more adequately be describes as a political bloodbath at the polls which left the whole of Tobago covered in red and liberated. Liberated of the “Change” that was really an attempt to short-change the citizens, by a 12-0 victory of the voice of the people, in rejection to the race card and handouts being the set price of the souls of Tobago. Now with a chair in the ‘Partnership’ but no seat of his own, where does Ashworthless (formally Ashworth prior to Jan 21st) stand? The best possible guess would be right there is the corner of his $4M unaccounted for house, behaving himself like a good subject of the UNC to maintain the illusion that the TOP has any other job in the ‘Partnership’ but to maintain an image of a fair coalition. (for a detailed description of the major reasons why they lost so badly see article-Re-Colonizing Tobago  ). With this sound Cut Tail experienced in Tobago, that not even a $50M push from the beneficiaries   of Section 34 could stop, the PNM now controls all of the THA. With the largest voter turnout in their history, it is obvious that TOBAGO doesn’t want the TOP in any capacity. Tobago East and West are both in control of TOP MPs. What is their purpose there now? To Represent their head party’s interest and a gang of supporters?

The actions of the UNC executive members, mainly the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, in taking total control of the TOP campaign inadvertently through sloppy handling have left the ‘Partnership’ exposed as being the UNC and whoever is eatin’ ah food under their ruler-ship. Ashworth Jack was no where to be found for his comments and The Prime Minister declares that the election is over and the TOP has lost. So it seems that now they not even trying to pretend that the TOP was anything other than a Puppet of the UNC. She Concedes on Ashworth’s behalf. A clear show of who is running the show with them.

Now what is their rational to make sense of the loss? Rather then discard the Race Card, they pull together whatever thrown out rotting parts they can find, hook up political jumper cables and create the modern day Frankenstein of a tactic breed in ignorance, and that thrives on a hared so evil that we should reject and rebuke in whatever name we believe in, to give it no ground ever on our soil. The UNC collectively, including their politically purchased analysts and fans have come up with an excuse and are sticking to it. They claim Tobagonians are racist. Respect for our bago brothers and sisters? Guess that only applies if they had won. On Top of that, isn’t Ashworth Jack of African Descent? More proof of which group is really in charge. The Minister of National Security, Board member of the Equal Opportunity Commission (which is suppose to be independent), other sycophants and loyalists alike have become very vocal in their expression of how “racist” Tobagonians are to them. Intelligent patriotic people when they won the 2 General Election Seats in Tobago in 2010, Racist when they reject the total chaos and blatant corruption, deception, and snarling attacks on democracy that have been experienced over the last 2 and a half years in Trinidad. That seems to be the logic here…O and Prakash said something too implying racism but no one takes him on much anyway.

The Top has been blown off of the sham of a coalition. With no Political relevance and a sound defeat ahead in the 2015 election in both Tobago East and Tobago West, what is left of them, or the ‘Partnership’ in general? MSJ and NJAC are gone, COP is totally irrelevant and clueless as to any action outside of contracts, state board and ministerial  appointments, TOP has bowed down to lick the feet of UNC in ever form or fashion (publicly and privately). In short, “we get catch good” in the short run. However now that the political smokescreen of an alliance of anything other than a Head party giving out gifts and privileges in exchange for the protection of (false) integrity, the Government’s control and interest have been left topless, completely exposed to the citizens at large. There exists the UNC and Friends in power.

Note: There is no registered “People’s Partnership” at the Elections and Boundaries Commission. As such, the UNC is the official Government and holds all legal right over majority powers and appointments.  

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