The Racist Re-Retort

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here we are again, in 2013 we realize that there are some elements of society that object racial harmony. The very notion of living in peace, love and unity with our fellow Trinbagonians in this multi-ethnic/cultural/religious nation seems taboo to the few, who see the binding bond of our countrymen, being not our ties to each other an the soil, but rather ties to a motherland and systems so inherently evil in their division of people that there is no place for it in this new world. What is the latest race rambling in TnT? Why the rantings of Sat Maharaj of course. It wouldn’t be a serious race issue with massive public outcry if the Supreme Fuer of the Maha Sabha wasn’t involved. Not to detract from any good work the Maha Sabha has actually done, but having Segregation Sat at the helm, being known to the general public as the face of the organisation, reflects poorly on everyone involved. The inciting of this race driven agenda of his which he somehow sees as the Hindu Crusade in TnT holds no relevance in the minds of any right thinking and progressive citizen, and his statements rotting with the ill intent of a divisive time passed.

The Maha Sabha Mad Man Maharaj has gone overboard as usual, this time however targeting Tobago. In following the 12-0 political bloodbath in the Jan 21st THA elections, he has called the entire island of Tobago collectively racist. Not to be one to stop at a mere statement, he addressed the has commanded his troop (which comprise those too docile to think for themselves, or too ignorant to see past the race rantings) to totally pull out of and further, boycott trips to Tobago. Speaking to all those of East Indian Descent and of the Hindu religion, and calling for this action from them incites a serious backlash of racial tension that can span across the entire nation if it gets out of hand (which some say it has), and may possibly lead to violence if taken to heart by the wrong individuals.

Not being a crackpot, but rather being a fully coherent person his agenda, Sat further calls for Tobago to be “Independent” of Trinidad. What is very interesting about this predicament is the timing at which he makes this announcement. Why not around the time of the Tobago Bill that they Government used as a ploy for votes in the THA? Why not anytime at all before the defeat at the polls? He also insulted Tobagonians as claiming that Tobago had no value to Trinidad and provide only negative in economic drain and racist tendencies. What does this say in its timing? That it was okay if Tobago bowed down to the UNC via the TOP, but for them to be in charge of their own affairs and partake in democracy is wrong given their choice. A clear case of double standards and a reckless race missile that can cause untold strife and division (as it has in the past). And on top of everything, this is the man who has just been granted a licence to operate a TV station in which is implied to be the voice of the Hindu community?

With this Racist Re-Retort in the limelight now, one wonders how come he is still a columnist in a news paper, holds an executive position in a prevalent Hindu organization, and most importantly commands such high support among his clique in High Office. The only consolation to this is that this issue has served to expose the nastiness of racism and has worked in some ways against his agenda. Those of every creed and race, especially between the Afro-trinis and Indo-trinis which he sought to divide, have expressed disgust and the rebuking of this sort of talk, taking a step forward in mentality and unity of our people of Trinidad and Tobago. We are all of different races, religions, etc. in Trinidad and Tobago. Be proud of your heritage  culture and religion always, but be respectful to one another always. Let us break down the barriers that divide us and seek to move forward as all Brothers and Sisters of this soil.

  1. The comments of Indira's which were followed by Sat's are revealing for all to see both locally and internationally! The thing is…i must ask this question: If the so-called "qualified" persons within the UNC are so unprofessional and narrow-minded irregardless as to what the government does, then what sort of treatment must persons who are not UNC expect from UNC Magistrates, Doctors, Police, Teachers, Businessmen, Public Servants, Lawyers, Bankers, Supervisors etc? Does the Prime Minister of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago endorse the statements of Sat which will undoubtedly have a huge impact on UNC "followers" ?Bernard YawchingCitizen.

  2. donald says:

    Hmm, good job! This is really something!

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