Constructing a Community: Isolation Syndrome

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Everyone wants to know why our society is the way it is. Do you know what is the cause of many problems? Well it may just be about COMMUNITY. We have become a society isolated from reality, especially on a ground level. Regardless of how rational we may seek to be, we are creatures of emotion (and dreams) at times. This not only influences our thoughts, but is crucial in understanding who we are and how we interact with one another. This is the first step in what it takes to Construct a Community:

It takes a village to raise a child. Communities have been warped by development rather than being improved by them. Cops and Robbers has been replaced by Call of Duty (Popular Video Game Series), face to face dialog has been replaced with online chat, we have found everything that we want at the convenience of isolation. This is not a rant against the Internet, this is a highlighting of the importance of Personal Interaction. We see too often this disconnect between each other. Aristotle said “Man is by nature a social animal.” Being unsocial is not a natural to man, but rather accidental. The word anti-social is used to describe many but in actuality takes on a much more serious meaning than we throw around. There are usually those of like nature who would be inclined to flock together in some way or at some point. Encouragement in physical activity, or simply social activity is an integral part of a child’s development, and for adult life in maintaining a sense of place in society.

Further now into our self imposed isolation, in a style true to Wordsworth’s Expostulation and Reply, rather than read for theory and feel for experience, we read for all and leave the feeling to those who went before us. While this is something that we see working towards more knowledge (which it is in its own respect), this is not experience as in our experience. One may read all they want about how it feels to go running, explain what muscle fatigue feels like and how a cramp affects how you move, but someone would not truly know the feeling in its entirety unless they feel it. Using a less than physical example, you can read all you want about a sunrise over the sea and see all the pictures, but only when the breeze has kissed your face and you see the reflection of the sun coming up over the horizon would the emotions connected to such a beautiful sight be realized. Knowledge is not what connects us to the world around us, it is what explains it, and Wisdom is the fusion and understanding of both Knowledge and Experience. This is an important step in getting people in touch with the world around them and each other. We need to go back to learning where learning meant to educate through academics alongside life experience.

In the end no man is an island unto himself, and this is the very essence of the formation of society. We all need each other for more than just commodities, but for our own need for a sense of community and our place in being part of it. A feeling of meaning and worth as part of a bigger picture. This is something that all can relate to in its benefit to us in feeling wanted/needed and making others feel the same way, all towards Constructing a strong and stable Community.

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