To Mamaguy a Nation

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

In May of 2010, the dictatorially boldface regime of  Patrick Manning came to a crash with a 29-12 whipping in the General Elections. A Coalition of different Parties, supported by a wide range of interest groups (especially of the activist community) took office in what we thought was change, then made us think we exchanged, and now here in 2013 realize that we were short changed. What we have seen over the last 3 years, now that ‘Kamla-Mania’ is over and the dust has settled in the Anti-Manning wake, is the same mamaguy politics of the past, but with considerably more deceitfully aggressive approach. We have at hand many different issues that point towards an attack against our very democracy, in the guise of ‘serve the people, serve the people, serve the people.’ The people are being served table scarps while those in power grab at every succulent morsel of legal entitlement that they can find. 

PM makes a play on words, twisting and perverting legality in a political lie to the public. “The army is to fight war, and there is no war here, except a war on crime.” Not addressing the real purposes of the military force from the perspective of governance and implying a broad definition of ‘war.’  A politically sexy, and legally ugly statement. Hoping that the people of the country will dive into this shallow statement out of fear of a prevalent crime situation which the current administration has done nothing to address outside of a knee jerk reaction and blaming the opposition (despite their 3 year absence from power). Hoping for the sycophant  loyalist, and fearful vote, at the very best they succeed and give the Minister of National Security his own private 1000 man Army Flying Mongoose Squad, at the very least the Bill is shot down, and the Government resorts to their age old tactic of blaming the opposing party. When all you know how to use is a Hammer, you treat every problem as a Nail I guess…

Now no commentary about the Government mamaguying the people would ever be complete without mention of the Corruption of the Parliament (COP). In the latest mid-term smokescreen campaigning, the Consultation on Constitutional Reform has been launched, with a hidden budget, and a circus display of public meetings. Like any good mamaguy, flair is essential  and nothing says ‘Epic’ like a deep voice over ad on the radio, introducing Prakash ‘Integrity for sale cheap cheap’ Ramadhar, making him sound like the greatest thing since home delivered roti. The ads and website seem to focus more on the Legal Affairs Minister than the idea of Constitutional reform itself, which many assume is the purpose anyway in the ever growing height of his unpopularity. Let us pretend for a minute that the Constitutional Reform consultations was to go through. Do we really want the same individuals who’s names were called in allowing the Section 34 Fiasco to take place to be editing our Constitution? Far less with the now trademark style of consulting for consulting’s sake that was highlighted when the Government agreed to an independent technical review of the Highway, then proceeded despite the Review pointing towards halting the project as major flaws were discovered and needed to be addressed before the project could continue in any sensible way.

There are many additional matters of national mamaguying that took place, from the Minister of National Security saying to hold him accountable if crime is not reduced in 6 months (which is now worse than ever with dismembered and maimed bodies being found weekly), to the assurance that the Government stand strong when the only signs of strength point to a dedication to cabal control of the Cabinet. We are in dark times, where the shadow of uncertainty and fear are being manipulated to lead us to a place when the otherwise blind would be in control of those of us who can see, by having enough support to enjoy a Dictatorial Majority of powers.  

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