Give Them a Show!

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

On Monday night, the UNC continued their Public meetings called the Monday Night Forums, but better known to the Population at large as the Monday Night Circus. Like any good Circus, this comes with Acrobats jumping around on issues, Fire Eaters trying to swallow accusations, and many many Cabinet level Clowns. What started during a high point of this Government’s popularity but died a natural death as the people were not seen as important enough to address once power was secure. Now that the Government has had it’s image shattered beyond repair in the wake of Section 34, and immediately following with the sloppy and despicable response to the Kublalsingh Hunger Strike, they have seen it fit to revamp the Monday Night For’em.

Flashback to last year November, when the Generalissimo Jack said that the Dr.  “he should hurry and do so (die) quickly.” The same meeting forum where the PM implied that anyone against her is sexist. The same forum where the Minister of Housing called family support “a Cult” when it is against questionable actions of the Government. Remember, or at least get the idea now of how many dancing bears were on stage and back flips performed in a shallow attempt to entertain the people? This, with Cepep and URP, and some of their family in live attendance, did little more to reveal just how sick Ministers’ words can be, and plunge the Government lower in their popularity rating.

Fast forward to Monday of this week. What did we see? The Circus back again and in full form! What could be a better rebuttal in the face accusations of being under investigation by the DPP via the Integrity Commission than “No YOU!” The Minister of Sports (who seems to be having trouble deciding weather he is a UNC or COP as his orders are probably not in Spanish), apart from taking action in filing a law suit against a Guardian Media Journalist, he went on claiming that she has inexplicably purchased an expensive vehicle (CRV) and taken shopping trips abroad. This was revealed with no proof and the journalist the next day responded with utter confusion as there was nothing to back Anil’s Claims, no CRV or passport stamps seen. Not sure if he knows what defamation is, or even what media is. He appears to be trying to use Media as a tool to strike at the reputation of a Journalist who is calling him out. Good luck Anil trying to fight a shark in water.

Now the Project Manager of this who production, or at least the one who is being portrayed a, had to at least attempt to steal the show. She takes her chance to speak to announce that she is declaring no war on the media. Despite her administration seeking to bring a Bill to parliament at the end of last year to curtail the Freedom of the Press, demanding that the media give the Government an hr a day of air time on each media station to air what they please, and of course the Minister of National Security slapping a newspaper on air letting a Journalist who reported against him “I know where you live!” she claims to be in support of Media. In the same over-proof breath she has the media on alert that the Government will have to get 5 minutes every hour of everyday to air things which they consider “important” for the nation. Sense? To hell with this, this is the “PP” Government isn’t it? The head of the Trinidad and Tobago Media Association, refusing to have the media taken for a fool by being boldface bullied with a smile by those in high office, condemns the direction in which the Government is going in regards to the media. Like they have so quickly forgotten what the Media did to Patos when he stormed the station and attempted to hijack air time. We have a good idea how this battle will end….

Thought Parliament and constant paid political commercials (which are not announced as paid for, or political) were enough? Nah man! Good governance is so lacking in this country that there must be performances rather than performance on an ongoing basis in order to (attempt to) fool the people, and keep the loyalists and sycophants loyal and sycophantical. So all in all, we are treated every now and again to a special Circus on Monday nights with some of our favorite performers, who have become adept at having the nation laughing when we should be crying.

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