Restoring Power

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last night (observed as Holy Thursday) the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago experienced a complete nationwide blackout with no corner of the country remaining with ‘current.’ The energy sector has been under scrutiny as of late after the Minister of Energy announced their grand flop on a 30 Billion deal with Saudi Arabian investors a few months ago. But like with every disaster and scandal this Government could never just leave it as that. There seems to always be a follow up of further chaos in the affected sector/office which not only raises more questions but spirals out of control into a Public Relations melee aimed at the citizens and hoping to appeal to the ideal tribal worship nature of many of the country’s sheep posing as people. With much of the country in a total Good Friday shutdown (some places for over 14 hours), the Government takes action by trying to turn doing their job into them being heroes, and reveals evidence that suggest that the entire incident itself was a conspiracy level fraud.

First it must be noted that there was an unusually aggressive police presence in certain places, some police officers armed with military grade assault rifles. Brushed off as “night before the holiday” security measures, the citizens turn a blind eye, expecting that all is as it should be. Around 1:15am, a power outage is experienced nationwide. With all clubs shut down, (except one in PoS with a generator but with allegedly no “vibez”), the liming continues unquestioned until early hours of the morning. After all, it is a holiday, nothing to do for most anyway, and with the consistent surges and outages over the last year or so, it was usual to be restored in only a few ours…so we thought… Good Friday in full swing, or not, as church goers bathed in buckets because of water issues due to the situation, and cooking was on a hold to prepare for the ‘4 day weekend.’ reports of the incident being due to a ‘gas leak.’

The Situation and Response: The PM, had a prepared statement broadcast on the matter. Most prominent in the statement was what the PM had ordered in the situation. All fair and in line so far. Army and Police deployed, emergency procedures initiated, nothing outside of standard procedure, except that the ones captivated by nothing other than the fact that their beloved Party was in office were jumping for joy. Next time the Garbage truck comes I hope they run behind the truck to shake the man riding on the back’s hand one time. Necessary PR to some, Rubbish in praise for all. The following response however was concerning and this is where the ‘stuepses’ flow and the questioning begins.’

The PM’s Social Media Manager wastes no time whatsoever posting pictures early in the day. In fact it was an entire Album of the PM visiting the PowerGen Power Plant. With a Hard Hat and a Soft Smile she tours the facility, sits in engineer’s chairs, and acts generally like she knows what she is doing. All while parts of the Nation are still without power. Not sure how a tour of the facility and playing house in a Power Plant helps the situation, but this Government is stuck in the twilight zone anyway. It could be noted that Penal’s power was restored in only 3 hours while Deigo Martin’s in 14 hours, but that may just be stretching it and splitting hairs (we’d hope…). In all of the PR parading and propaganda-ing, something very odd stood out in the photos. The Digital PowerGen clock in the background of the picture displayed a time just after 9pm, over 3 hrs BEFORE the blackout (highlighted in pic). Think that’s all? How about another picture with the PM shaking a worker’s hands at the entrance and at the top right corner in the background we can see the streetlights OUTSIDE of the compound down the road on(see highlighted in pic)…Conspiracy? Try fact…something is going on that they aren’t telling us, but how far does it go and how far are they willing to take it?

We must note that this national incident comes on the backdrop of an international news report revealing that our Minister of National Security is under investigation by the FBI and that it is suspected that his son is unable to leave the USA as he is assisting them with investigations. The PM on the same night of this cancelled an urgent post cabinet meeting where she was suppose to discuss this matter, claiming that she was “sick.” Too sick to have a meeting about an international scandal and white collar crisis but not too sick to tour a facility for a photoshoot? This again following the international media hitting our Government for the Police walkout of rat and bat infested stations. And of course the international media association, Caribbean media association, and Trinidad and Tobago Media association condemning the statements and action of our Government as being an outright and consistent attack on Freedom of the Press. This week has been devastating for the government in terms of their handling of matters and PR in general. On a world scale we are in the gutter, thanks to poor governance and shameless politicking to avoid doing what is right and protect those who do what is wrong, once they have friends in office (of a file on officeholders). Questions need to be answered, but like the PM’s directive to her Cabinet Ministers to “Keep Quiet” on matters involving the National Security Minister, a Government gag order will likely to soon be out, leaving our Nation in the Dark once more.

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