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Too Late, Too Far Gone.

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We awake again as a nation, to find our Government still deep in a political slumber, and our reputation still trapped in the nightmare that has be brought about by a series of intentional misplacement of Office Holders, and the following aftermath of their over the top yet under the board actions. While there are minor instances (when looking at the bigger picture) all about, which could be passed off as grand mistakes but falling into the realm of being ‘only human,’ there are some sins that the nation cannot forgive, and some office holders that have used a short space of time to crumble everything we ever held dear as being a democratic and constitutionally bound country. The latest in this string of consistent ‘spit in the eye’ politics is the CONCACAF reports on Jack Warner, who is the Minister of National Security and at this point seen as the untouchable Minister of Everything. What is more troubling however is the response from the Government, which is no different than before except perhaps with an extra inflating of their PR work with the Cabinet encircling to defend the wrong.

CONCACAF has recently had a file laid before them containing information about Warner which showed various inconsistencies when it comes to the truth alongside $US Millions in misappropriated funds. The Prime Minister was contacted and seems to be waiting until she “has been advised” to act on this. In her defense, she is away on a diplomatic trip so has until she returns to deal with this, but it is not like the benefit of this doubt before has ever led to her taking action. Meanwhile the Communications Minister announces that the Cabinet stands firmly behind Warner and supports him, while the Minister himself brushes off these serious white collar crimes matters of the highest level with no more than the attitude that “this too shall pass” and to “go ask yuh mudda” about it. Now what is disturbing more than Jack’s attitude, as this is the expected response for him now, is that the Cabinet collectively is in support of him, some with their heads up in the air high on power, and others with their tails between their legs to continue filling their bellies.

Calls are coming from the nation at large (again), “FIRE HIM!” Despite the PM’s lack of political will over the course of the last 3 years, where only those who did not have some invisible hold on her and were seen as expendable were removed from office, let’s say she did use this as an opportunity to fire him finally. What will that accomplish? He has used this term in office to bend the PM and Cabinet to his will and been getting away with any and everything that he pleases with no one to account to from the looks of it. Is it that now we are so desperate to stoop a looming dictator that we grasp on to any and all potential hope even though it has failed in the past? Is this where we reach when we realize that marching 50 000 people through the streets of Port of Spain for his removal, videos of him using the army to assault citizens spread on the internet, USA reported FBI/IRS investigations, etc. have had absolutely no impact on the PM’s resolve to fire a man who has not only been in this light, but is also spearheading a battle to set up powers that could potentially turn us into a military state?

At this point just as at any, he should be fired as Minister of National Security, there is no doubt about that. What however will that accomplish overall? With his influence and the Government’s way of running Ministries for their own gain, who is to say that they won’t just put someone there to further his agenda as well. Also where does this leave the others who should in the same manner have been rooted out long ago? Anand and Section 34, Anil and the Sport scandals, Tewarie and his Ministry of Lack of Planning and Unsustainable Development. Where is the hope in the grand scheme of things? We have reached the point where the PM has lost most if not all of the popularity that she enjoyed in May 2010. With the lack of control that she exercises over her Cabinet, (which is her mandated duty), it has become clear that not only does the PM lack the Political Will to do what needs to be done to even keep the country from sinking, but has displayed no intention to protect us from the despicable nature of the Ministers which she herself appointed, with the star of the show being our Minister of National Security Jack Warner.

The more we cry out, the quicker we are brushed off. At this point it is too late just to fire a rouge Minister. The rot that the Government has inflicted upon the state is too severe for a turn around short of a total cleansing of corruption to the extent of have of the Ministers ending up in jail, and the other half ending up on the breadline, with not even the PM being left standing when the ethical dust settles. For the Government, opportunities to do the right thing pass daily, and and chance of redemption has passed. They are upheld by everything that we voted the former administration out for plus much more. They have failed and their lifeline has been attached to the shameful conduct of persons such as the Jack Warner and such. They Government has willfully failed us, there is nothing left to stand on. Our only resolve to call for at this point is the Dissolving of Parliament while we still have a democracy to hope in…

“I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein.

Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un (son of recently deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il) has sent the international Community into a stir in the last week by moving missiles into launch position on its east coast, with the range to be a serious threat to Japan, South Korea, and other parts of Southeast Asia. This was reported to likely be a ‘test’ launch exercise but implies that they are taking an aggressive front to the region, as this is coupled with an increase in North Korean soldier recruitment and training, and not to mention a propaganda campaign being run throughout the country claiming that the USA are preparing for a direct strike at North Korea. Fair to Un, the USA has had increased military presence in South Korea which may have prompted a negative response from any leader, and far more so from a paranoid dictator. Where additional conflict comes in is Kim Jung Un stating that in the event of conflict arising, he would not guarantee the safety of diplomats. Ambassadors and Tourists a like are at risk in this situation, and in response, the UK Government has stated that they will not pull their Diplomats out of North Korea. Troops are being readied, and tensions rising…

South Korea however has moved 2 destroyers in position to shoot down the missiles if launched. But the  fallout effects will still be grave. More importantly the implications of launching that first missile with have the world standing on edge and racing for more powerful nuclear arms. That first push of the button would surely be the last nail in the coffin, and doom the North Korean people further.

The decision not to pull diplomats is in a large way because embassies’ number one purpose is to keep tabs on the country they are in , i.e. to spy. It is playing with peoples lives by leaving diplomats there while Un says he cannot guarantee their safety. This presents 2 issues additional now as well. Leaving them there to show that the country that they represent is not going to be intimidated, and in the event that a diplomat is harmed, North Korea will have no respite from being bombarded literally by many international first world countries (and rightfully so). Which raises the question however. Is this what some world leaders want? To sacrifice to invade…

Section 34-Less

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(For a full read of what the Section 34 Fiasco is- )

The dynamic duo of Corruption, UNC financiers Ish and Steve, who were facing the local high court for a $1Billion big rigging deal that they committed over 10years ago, hit a wall today. With no Section 34 to rely on, due to the revocation of the prevision in an emergency sitting of Parliament, in effect they would receive the same amnesty under the Constitution. Under a section of the constitution, they claimed to have been the victim of prejudice by the revocation of Section 34, and furthermore applied to sue the state for $76Million. So let’s recap this, the Government proclaims a section of a Bill as law to specifically get off their financiers, while distracting the nation with a $50Million Celebration on Independence Night, and now Ish and Steve file as victims (and want monetary compensation) when the Section was revoked. Our Sweet Banana Republic…

Today the High Court comes to a decision after reviewing the law for the last several month, alongside Ish and Steve’s submission to be let off, and $76Million richer (yes they can get richer believe it or not). A 175 page judgment was read out which amounted to a grand “Nah boys, it doh work so.” Shocked and sure they had it in the bag, they are now faced with filing to the Court of Appeal. Now is this delaying the inevitable, or is this the beginning of a chain of Appeals that will lead to their ultimate freedom? A popular SC seems to think that they will reach the Privy Council in the House of Lords (our final court of appeal) and that they will escape there. The future of this is yet to be revealed. For now the Judgment stands as the law, advanced in the most just way possible. What now follows in the public domain however in opinion?

What is the response from those in support of the powers who attempted to orchestrate that master plan? The usual sycophancy and loyalism, but with the added twists and turns so fast that anyone reading them cannot help but feel nauseous. Some Government supporters acting as if Ish and Steve’s Section 34 loophole being blanked by the courts somehow absolves the Government for their deception in this matter. The Courts advancing the law to an end result could never serve to exempt the PM, the AG, and who ever else was involved behind the scenes of their actions. This was a Fiasco of epic proportions, it shook the nation and broke any and all trust in the Government of the Day to the extent that the acting President had to request that Parliament from now on set proclamation directives in legislating. In addition, they continue to try to spin the matter, claiming that the opposition was part of the vote for Section 34. Avoiding again that the issue was not the entire Bill passing (as overall it was a good Bill in many regards), but the early and deceitful proclamation of stand alone Sections that would line up perfectly with certain party financiers receiving a full amnesty for their crimes. On top of that, some have even gone as far as to credit the PM for firing the scapegoat Volney, and others express that the victory for the state in this case is a victory for the Government, once again skewing then line between Government and State. WE are the state. No one expects much from these sorts, but at the least it was expected that they would know when to stay quiet when faced with something as blatantly shameful as this. O well…

The die have been cast on this matter from the Proclamation of Section 34 and it’s end result. Today was just one dice coming to a stop and revealing a number too low for them to play on. The Proclamation and revocation be enough to save Ish ans Steve from legal damnation? Only time will tell, but for now, they are in hot water thanks to the high court’s ruling, and no matter what becomes of this, the Government’s nature and priority has been revealed. Exhausting and perverting their most sacred power in the House, their golden boys are still staring down a long appeal process, and realistically jail time to pay for their crime to balance off a $1Billion raiding of our coffers.