Section 34-Less

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

(For a full read of what the Section 34 Fiasco is- )

The dynamic duo of Corruption, UNC financiers Ish and Steve, who were facing the local high court for a $1Billion big rigging deal that they committed over 10years ago, hit a wall today. With no Section 34 to rely on, due to the revocation of the prevision in an emergency sitting of Parliament, in effect they would receive the same amnesty under the Constitution. Under a section of the constitution, they claimed to have been the victim of prejudice by the revocation of Section 34, and furthermore applied to sue the state for $76Million. So let’s recap this, the Government proclaims a section of a Bill as law to specifically get off their financiers, while distracting the nation with a $50Million Celebration on Independence Night, and now Ish and Steve file as victims (and want monetary compensation) when the Section was revoked. Our Sweet Banana Republic…

Today the High Court comes to a decision after reviewing the law for the last several month, alongside Ish and Steve’s submission to be let off, and $76Million richer (yes they can get richer believe it or not). A 175 page judgment was read out which amounted to a grand “Nah boys, it doh work so.” Shocked and sure they had it in the bag, they are now faced with filing to the Court of Appeal. Now is this delaying the inevitable, or is this the beginning of a chain of Appeals that will lead to their ultimate freedom? A popular SC seems to think that they will reach the Privy Council in the House of Lords (our final court of appeal) and that they will escape there. The future of this is yet to be revealed. For now the Judgment stands as the law, advanced in the most just way possible. What now follows in the public domain however in opinion?

What is the response from those in support of the powers who attempted to orchestrate that master plan? The usual sycophancy and loyalism, but with the added twists and turns so fast that anyone reading them cannot help but feel nauseous. Some Government supporters acting as if Ish and Steve’s Section 34 loophole being blanked by the courts somehow absolves the Government for their deception in this matter. The Courts advancing the law to an end result could never serve to exempt the PM, the AG, and who ever else was involved behind the scenes of their actions. This was a Fiasco of epic proportions, it shook the nation and broke any and all trust in the Government of the Day to the extent that the acting President had to request that Parliament from now on set proclamation directives in legislating. In addition, they continue to try to spin the matter, claiming that the opposition was part of the vote for Section 34. Avoiding again that the issue was not the entire Bill passing (as overall it was a good Bill in many regards), but the early and deceitful proclamation of stand alone Sections that would line up perfectly with certain party financiers receiving a full amnesty for their crimes. On top of that, some have even gone as far as to credit the PM for firing the scapegoat Volney, and others express that the victory for the state in this case is a victory for the Government, once again skewing then line between Government and State. WE are the state. No one expects much from these sorts, but at the least it was expected that they would know when to stay quiet when faced with something as blatantly shameful as this. O well…

The die have been cast on this matter from the Proclamation of Section 34 and it’s end result. Today was just one dice coming to a stop and revealing a number too low for them to play on. The Proclamation and revocation be enough to save Ish ans Steve from legal damnation? Only time will tell, but for now, they are in hot water thanks to the high court’s ruling, and no matter what becomes of this, the Government’s nature and priority has been revealed. Exhausting and perverting their most sacred power in the House, their golden boys are still staring down a long appeal process, and realistically jail time to pay for their crime to balance off a $1Billion raiding of our coffers.  

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