International Corner: N.Korea Nuclear Warning

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

“I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein.

Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un (son of recently deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il) has sent the international Community into a stir in the last week by moving missiles into launch position on its east coast, with the range to be a serious threat to Japan, South Korea, and other parts of Southeast Asia. This was reported to likely be a ‘test’ launch exercise but implies that they are taking an aggressive front to the region, as this is coupled with an increase in North Korean soldier recruitment and training, and not to mention a propaganda campaign being run throughout the country claiming that the USA are preparing for a direct strike at North Korea. Fair to Un, the USA has had increased military presence in South Korea which may have prompted a negative response from any leader, and far more so from a paranoid dictator. Where additional conflict comes in is Kim Jung Un stating that in the event of conflict arising, he would not guarantee the safety of diplomats. Ambassadors and Tourists a like are at risk in this situation, and in response, the UK Government has stated that they will not pull their Diplomats out of North Korea. Troops are being readied, and tensions rising…

South Korea however has moved 2 destroyers in position to shoot down the missiles if launched. But the  fallout effects will still be grave. More importantly the implications of launching that first missile with have the world standing on edge and racing for more powerful nuclear arms. That first push of the button would surely be the last nail in the coffin, and doom the North Korean people further.

The decision not to pull diplomats is in a large way because embassies’ number one purpose is to keep tabs on the country they are in , i.e. to spy. It is playing with peoples lives by leaving diplomats there while Un says he cannot guarantee their safety. This presents 2 issues additional now as well. Leaving them there to show that the country that they represent is not going to be intimidated, and in the event that a diplomat is harmed, North Korea will have no respite from being bombarded literally by many international first world countries (and rightfully so). Which raises the question however. Is this what some world leaders want? To sacrifice to invade…

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