Hospital Hot Spot: Shooting in Port of Spain.

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

This week of madness in our sweet Banana Republic winds down with a Shooting at the Port of Spain General Hospital which leaves 3 persons injured and the suspect neither caught nor recorded on security cameras in the area. One victim, a nurse was grabbed onto by the target and used as a human shield, receiving a shot directly to the face. Security slow to respond, technology non-present at the point to fill the gap and the irony that a victim who was shot in the face had to be transported out of public hospital to a private facility says worlds about the sad state at which we find one of our nation’s most prominent public hospitals to be in.

Of all the things lacking in the Hospitals, among the sanitation issues, administrative nightmares due to poor management, and of course short staffed medical officers, security is an aspect that only those who have experienced an incident or are long working there would notice. This however doesn’t make it any less of a serious concern. Security who are slow to react are like a surgeon who is trying to figure out how the procedure is done after opening up your chest. In other words, you are the one left exposed, quite literally in both instances. Cutting them some slack (for nothing further and we are all human, albeit proving to be purposeless in their function), one would think that security cameras would have at least been present. Think again. The area in which the shooting took place had no CCTV cameras to record the incident or the person. Another grand accomplishment in the field of negligence for our Public Health Sector.

Of all grand jokes that could be made of this, such as the laughable claim that people weren’t sure if the victims were better off or worse, being that they are in a public hospital, there are some concerns that really did arise. What does it say when one of the nation’s 3 Main Hospitals has to send someone who was injured in their facility immediately to a Private hospital for a CT (head) scan? Well it says something that Trinis know beyond anything in health care to be true, that the Private Hospitals are readily equipped and can be trusted to function better than the public system when called upon. What does this mean seeing as many Doctors operate at the same time in the Public and Private sector? That the facilities are in a sorry, sad state. Alas, we already knew that….

3 injured, and “the suspect escaped.” Can we even call him a suspect however? Who suspects him? At this point the Police will still need to question the main victim (the 2 others being innocent to the incident), and most likely will have an idea. As for now however, a lapse in security measures and performance has left innocent persons with bullet wounds and possibility further injuries, and a our health care system shamed as usual with a health budget of over $5 Billion and a continuation of non adequate facilities. We can only hope that this will serve as a wake up call for all stakeholders and our country at large. Measures need to be put in place immediately to prevent these atrocities from happening in the future, before more are injured and lives are lost.

  1. Bee's Blog says:

    I fear there is no hope for our once beautiful nation

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