Short Pants Politicians, Long Pants Politics

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Remember being in Primary School and looking at Secondary School students, waiting for your chance to wear the big boy long pants? Much like the little boys who never grew up, and saw passing Common Entrance/ S.E.A. itself as a right of passage, many Political Office holders see winning an election or receiving an appointment as their chance to wear the long pants, without ever having to ever really grow up. What this manifests as is up in the air as to whether those who engage in this behaviour believe us to be stupid, or are themselves really that ignorant to basic common sense. Aptly applicable to our politicians and politics in TnT, we see both the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader making statements that display this in matters of serious scandal.

First we have the o so famous Section 34 Fiasco (Section 34 summed up), in which, after the firing of a scapegoat (with no charges laid), the issue still persisted as an enraged nation demanded the answers which we all knew but the Government would never admit. With other issues the nation’s political pot bubbled until the lid popped revealing how little in control our PM was in her own Cabinet. Her response to this was to quote a phrase made famous by former US President Truman, “The Buck Stops Here.” In other words, she was saying that the final authority in all matters lies with her. Somehow the PM made this statement without realizing that if you assume all power, you assume all responsibility and subsequent consequences. So Kamla playing big man while wearing Primary school house button, failed to realize that by stating this she is assuming responsibility for Reshmi, Section 34, and every other major scandal that this Government has faced since May 2010. It seems that the thought of this rarely occurred to her though (if at all), as fresh scapegoats are in steady supply.

Coming now to the nation’s latest school yard tussle, the secret meeting of the Opposition Leader and the Chairman of the Integrity Commission. No one in their right mind saw this meeting as appropriate given his or anyone’s reasoning in support of the matter. Both the position of the leader of the Opposition and the position of the Chairman of the Integrity Commission were severely compromised, and meetings of this nature many have failed to realize are why the people distrust the current Government so much. This is an action which compromises the very idea of transparency, professionalism and general conduct in respect of Office. The Opposition Leader’s response, in an attempt to take the heat off of the Chairman of the IC, says “put all the blame on me,” yet in the same breath stands by what he did bearing no recourse. If the person you met with has compromised himself to the extent where he is a hair away from having to resign to preserve any decency, and you say you will bear his (plus your own) burden…what now does that leave you to do? Come on Keith, nobody will ever respect a Prefect who signing off on his own detentions.

So there we have it for now, the Political Leaders of both parties showing us grade A school yard strutting, with many of their parties falling in line behind them. There are many however that have broken rank in the face of these instances seeing the situations for what they are, that being the puffing out of chests, saying “Hit meh nah,” while under the protection of school rules and clever tricks. Our “leaders” have like many in society, older yet no wiser, getting where they are by right of age once they are along a beneficially chosen path. Now we are left with little more to view, than these Short Pants Politicians, in Long Pants Politics.

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