By-Election, Buy-Election, Bye-Election

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized


In the 3 year long +$160Billion Circus that Trinidad and Tobago has been subjected to, we have reached the point of such instability in the Government Party that a former Minister has vacated his post and seat, and is now being challenged for it by the Party which he is still part of. Confusing? Not even the half of it, but regardless the situation stands, the UNC has carded Political Fashion Model Kadijah Ameen to test her (and the UNC’s) smoke and mirror tricks against the master Wizard himself, Jack Warner. Challenging them as a newcomer with much promise, yet the promise of a loss, is PNM newcomer Avinash Singh. What is set up here is 2 sharks fighting for their dinner with a political guppy munching on the trailing of whatever falls from their jaws.

The By-(the way)- Election candidate from PNM, would have been an decent choice in paving the way for new blood in the forefront of the party, and a favourable addition to an election slate for General Elections. But this is not a General Election scenario. Either someone behind the scenes messed up their political dynamics analysis, or he is the scapegoat being used to protect the ego of the big guns, who only view a victory as an on paper Win. I can’t help but think that if the PNM was really serious about fighting the seat, they would have sent up a heavy hitter such as one of their current Senators. They would in all sensible predictions lost, but to put a dent in the UNC vote in that area would send a huge message to the Government and the Nation. “A ship is safe in Harbour, but that’s not what ships are for” – William G.T. Shedd. 

The ‘Buy-Election’ aspect is what is expected given the players involved. Warner has taken a huge head start, with rallies and motorcades galore, and in terms of media, not only has he gone on the offensive with facebook and TV coverage, but has gone as far as to release his own Weekly Newspaper. On the other end is Kamla Jr., who will no doubt be making full use of not only the already extravagant PR work of the Government, but should also receive whatever help the deep pockets of the UNC can purchase. Whatever else is paid or bought, including loyalty (which is seen as a lucrative investment by political pigeons and big birds alike these days) is left up to what can be proved but will remain in the dark once the light bill money is redirected. With both sides with Hundreds of Millions of Dollars at their disposal, and the victory here being a toss up between one man cementing his Legacy, and one woman seeking to save the Government from its inevitable collapse, the coffers are stuffed and the stakes are sky high. Satan and his wife fighting over a ham bone, with thunder raining over the Chaguanas West district.

A Bye-Election is guaranteed for at least one big name here. If Ameen wins, Percy Mayfield’s 1960’s classic “Hit the Road Jack” will be the theme song for the next month (or year depending on how long the Government wants to stretch this racket). However Warner could still have a very realistic shot at picking up a few seats on the Chaguanas City Corp. in the following Local Government election. If Jack wins as an Independent, it will do nothing to break party politics in TnT, but will uplift the load of Jack behaviour that he has perpetuated over the last few year, while at the same time crashing the Government (having defeated them in their original heartland). Ameen has already said ‘Bye’ to her constituents in the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corp (of which she is the Chairman), avoiding the booked cut tail in that election, while at the same time taking this chance to raise her political profile inside the party and elevating to a position in the Parliament. Jack may also be saying ‘Bye’ to the UNC in running against them in this venture. This is not guaranteed however, as no one in the party had the balls to even make him take down the “UNC Constituency Office” sign on his office, which he put up and kept up before even being screened as the Candidate.

So there we have it, a web of By-the-way, Buy-the-people, Bye-to-dignity conduct that sees the entire Chaguanas West as fertile ground for political gauging and gouging wherever and wherever it can be found.

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