Satan Condemning Sin

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

“There are 3 kinds of lies; Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”- Mark Twain. Over the course of our political history we have become accustom to empty promises, hypocrisy, and false facts. With the chain reaction of nonsense that has resulted from the Charguanas West By-election being called, we see the shameless yet sterile venom from the forked tongues of those who have high stakes in manipulating the electorate while at the same time inadvertently calling them stupid. In any case we are treated to more than a fair share of flip flopping in opinions and blatant contradictions by the leaders of the only 2 parties that can be considered really “in the race.” We are treated now to the issues of money and media (apparently the 2 staple top priorities to this Government) being of the greatest concern, depending on which side the politicians are standing on.

We have the Prime Minister’s latest prepared political rhetoric of questioning the “Bottomless Pit” of funding that her opponent, Supreme Führer of the ILP, Jack Warner has been enjoying in his campaign. While this is of grave concern, especially as the allegations of corruption on a local and international level are alarming to say the least, why is this now conveniently an issue? Why was it not an issue when the UNC was being funded by Warner in this manner? Is the PM affirming that the content of his deep pockets are questionable, especially after she has had him as a Minister with the highest ministerial Budget the country has ever seen? And what of Warner’s response that the PM always knew his pockets were deep? Unexplained financing and more than just questionable income, wrong on both side in fact, but only wrong to Tanty Kams when the relationship with Uncle Jack went sour.

Now what could be more ridiculous a notion of the current Prime Minister standing up against corruption/ unexplained financing? How about Warner standing up for democracy? Yes, the same man who made  Gestapo tactics his staple policy enforcement in National Security (his first public action as National Security Minister- Removal of Peaceful Protesters). Further to this and more specifically, he has attacked the UNC Government for their alleged interference in the Guardian Newspaper which if true is a direct financial strong arming of the Freedom of the Press. If memory serves, 1 Year ago, Generalissimo Jack was on local Television holding up a newspaper with an article from Investigate Journalist Asha Javeed. While slapping that paper he proclaimed that he ‘Knows where she lives, and who she lives with.’ (Jack’s verbal attacks/threats on media person/ public figures.). Again a case of a double wrong being called a single right depending on what platform it is being said.

We have been subjected to so many double standard in politics, especially in the last few years it is effectively impossible to keep up. Technology and Social Media have provided vehicles for the common man to point out and prove what was said, where, when, and how yet rather than fix their mix, they will talk their rubbish and then invest heavily in PR in an attempt of twist and cover up. The Moral Authority of our ‘Leaders’ lacks anything resembling Morals and basing all they say and do on Authority, as we are now forced to listen to a constant barrage of Satan Condemning Sin.

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