Baby Come Back (any kind of fool could see)….

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

The latest in the Boldface and the Beautiful style politicking that we are now subjected to on a regular basis in TnT is the love saga of our (beloved?) Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and the former Generalissimo Jack Warner. We all know of the major breakup that occured when Jack wasn’t picked as the UNC Candidate for Chaguanas West, which led to the formation of his new party (ILP) and daily broadcasts of his political tabannca on TV, Radio and Social Media. In response to this and the airing of UNC members’ dirty laundry in terms of corruption, favoritism and nepotism, the PM fires back in a clear case of Satan Condemning Sin by now questioning his extensively deep pockets, missing funds that were allocated to him, and a neglect of his former Constituency over the last few years. However it seems strange at the very least that after all that has been said, Jack has still expressed his compassion for the PM during all the mudslinging to the extent of putting all of the blame on the “Cabal” and none on her. The PM’s statement this week asking Jack to “Come Home” and rejoin the UNC was shocking to say the least, given her statements against him and points to this love drama being a mix of raging political hormones with a clear message of what they think of the public at large.

Jack has been viciously attacking his former Cabinet colleagues with allegations and ‘bussing files’ left, right and center. Now despite no one questioning why he allowed them to go on like this while he was working with them, he brought forward much information that needed to be revealed to the public (although the Integrity Commission, Anti-Corruption Bureau, and Police Commissioner should have also received formal requests to investigate these matters). Throughout all the tongue lashing, he kept painting the PM as some innocent pawn in the “Cabal’s” plan, rather than the political ‘bad-ting’ she has shown to be. Kamla now takes to the same political stage that she has been bashing him on to make a plea.

Over the last few week the PM has admitted to knowing that Warner is being investigated by the FBI, that he was involved in corruption, and says now that the Chaguanas West Constituency was severely neglected by him (although when he was part of the UNC she claimed him to be the “hardest working MP”). A quick thought, if he neglected his area to the extend that they consider it dilapidated almost, what does that say about the performance of the other MPs in their party? Anyway… After all the serious allegations…another quick thought, all of this happened under her tenure as PM, and even if they say they only now know about it, nothing has been forwarded to the Police to investigate him? Moving on. The PM goes on stage and in a big to woe her former “Action Man,” asks him to come home to the UNC. So according to Kamla he is in essence was a corrupt Minister/MP, the subject of several serious international investigations, and ‘ah PNM’ (according to her and many others in the UNC) yet she wants him back? Says miles about what kind of characters are in Government, but love is blind, deaf and dumb I suppose.

Has the tabannca only now set in, or is something more devious at hand? The readiness for him to be welcomed back with open arms is a slap in the face to the people of TnT. Could the UNC really be so afraid of him opposing them, or are they all in it together with Jack and playing us for fools? Whether a simple gesture between former political lovers or a deep and sinister plot to focus the media stories on them in preparation for some final grand “Uniting” of former short lived political rivals, one thing is clear; we are being taken for fools in the grand scheme of things, and this is so clear that even any kind of fool could see.

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