Mamaguying Muslim Votes

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

During a term; People lobby the Government, During an election; The Government lobbies People.

It’s no shock to see politicians playing into religious demographics around election time, and really nothing is wrong with envoys to see support in respectful ways. We live in a multi-cultural, multi-religious society and it is important for all leaders to show respect to different sectors of society. What can be said though when a Government is either so desperate, or so clueless (perhaps both), that they go overboard and push all into PR and none into dealing with legitimate concerns? Better yet, how does it look when the same party seeking support has rallied around and promoted a figure who has expressed outright prejudice towards that same group? Looks like a By-Election in TnT! Now it may be worth mentioning briefly that Jack’s Party (ILP) has been accused of choosing the colour green as to garner Muslim support, but it seems more likely that he chose green to represent US Dollars, who knows. In any case, the latest display by our “Honourable” Prime Minister was a massive tribute to hypocrisy, and a testimony of how serious she takes playing dress-up.

First the surface issue. The Prime Minister attended the breaking of the fast (iftar) in this month which is sacred to all Muslims, wearing a bight yellow Hijab. Now while the headscarf is not exclusive to women of Islam, it is generally seen as a mark of them. It could be argued that the PM wore it in the Mosque (place of worship) out of respect, which would have been the correct thing to do, but her wearing it for the entire motorcade and walkabout of the area giving out ‘gifts’ and such made it clear that this was just another day of dress up for her (as under no other circumstances but lobbying votes in the area would it be worn). The colour was obviously to represent her party, which some may say was disrespectful, and others would say it really wasn’t a big deal, but in either case it was just tacky looking at best. She places herself, raising her hands in congregation with women to join in prayer in an Islamic manner (although herself holding beliefs in what is considered forbidden in Islam), right front and center for the cameras to get what she thought was a perfectly Halal photo shoot. PR milked to the limit and beyond, she moves on, all surface value.

Now the contradiction and underlying hypocrisy of the mamaguy comes into play when one takes a look at one of her most protected and promoted Ministers, the “Honourable” Devant Maharaj. A Maha Saba advocate that seems to have made statements so severe, they must have been the motivation for Sat Maharaj to up his racist statements over the years in an utter frustration of being upstaged in prejudice intent. Among the remarks quoted as made by Devant “9/11” Maharaj (in front of local as well as foreign reps) were – “All Muslims in Pakistan and other countries should be executed even if it meant wiping out whole nations and the rest of them should then move to Saudi Arabia,” “Chechens were Muslims and all Muslims were terrorists who should be wiped out,” and “At the last T&T general election, Muslims were allowed to walk around with guns and to terrorise citizens.” Apparently he also stereotyped the American rep, who he made these comments in front, but unfortunately for him, her response in a writting: “This confirms my verbal request that I not be assigned to work in future social settings with our marketing and public relations officer, Mr Devant Maharaj.” Upon gaining power in 2010, Kamla made quick work of elevating her buddy Dev to a Senator position with an appointment as a Minister. Regardless of how fundamentally wrong it is to have a man like this in office without having to account for his statements, and further passing it of as if it never happened, he remains a Cabinet member with an apparent immunity under the Prime Minister.

So here we see the Political Suitor of the UNC approaching, with the divorce papers signed in advance. Many Muslims have been divided on this issue, but like with every demographic, there are those who are defending the political and social desecration of their faith, those who are keeping quiet in fear of being disrespectful in any manner, and those who are seeking favour with the glare of the Dun’ya (physical world and possessions) so bright in their eyes it blinds them from faith. At the end of the day, this is just another religious demographic that has been targeted by a massive PR stunt, but in which the method and modus operandi are so clear that the sham and scam couldn’t help but leak out as Mamaguying Muslim Votes.

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