A Sinking Partnership: When Rats Run, To and From

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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 In 2010 the people of TnT called for Change, thought we got Exchange, then realized we had been Short-Changed.


 A Partnership was launched claiming to be a safe haven for all, but like Indentured Labourership, once we were transported to the destination we found something much different that what was promised. As it stands, the UNC controlled Government sank it’s talons in and gripped us for their “Change.” Fast forward through dozens of national scandals of corruption, nepotism and attacks on our very democratic rights protected by the constitution; to 2013 and the losing of a “Safe Seat” to their former Chairman, Generalissimo Jack, who created a political Party a month prior to the Chaguanas By-Election. So what is the response (other that the usual flooding of PR and Animal Farm type warnings)? Rats near and far expose themselves as upholding the metaphor as much as humanly possible. While some flee in droves, others shine their rising sun badges, put on their best attire and game faces (sponsored by undeclared forms of party financing and profits from state positions), and get cracking to ensure that a sunk ship “stays the course.”

The comments made by certain Ministers and MPs, and the pictures of UNC MPs celebrating a victory against their party at their opponent’s camp were alarming to say the least. Concerns were expressed over minor felt fleeing from the party, such as the National Security Adviser prior to the elections, and the TOP chairman after (as if the THA 12-0 cut tail wasn’t enough to run him). What now that former Vice-President of the Senate, Lyindra Ouditt has resigned her position as a Senator and as a member of the UNC, then seen on the same day for a conveniently placed photo shoot touching the head and feet of ILP leader, Original Pirate of the Caribbean Jack Warner? Better to be under the wing of a Dragon then in it’s path to some I suppose.

On the other end are those who have realized as well that their party is underwater, but have sunk their heels into the waterlogged floorboards. In this Government’s trademark style of after the fact marketing, except with a week’s delay to catch themselves, the PR machines are in full swing. Full page ads, pictures and releases, promoted through traditional and social media. Mainly the party youths have been active in this department, flooding whatever propaganda wherever they can and with new unseen recruits popping up from out of the woodwork, coincidentally those who have now received government employment. Go figure… In any case, a genuine belief that the current Government is doing what is right has been dispelled, and all that is left are die-hard loyalists and dying-for-more sycophants.

 The Government’s stance and rhetoric has remained the same. Chants of “We Stand Strong” and “Serve the People” being the chorus of those on the side of illegitimate power, while the people are up in arms against a regime that holds control solely as legal right. For all intended purposes, we have no substantial Government, just a sunken ship, with its crew grasping ownership of the treasury chest of jewels that never belonged to them in the first place.

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