Contracts talk, Reports walk

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Development is not the physical structure, but the benefits which we obtain from what is built.

A new pathway here, an over sized monstrosity there, buildings going up and over, near and far. This is what we are taught is development. What if you were told that development is the benefit of the infrastructure and not just building something for building sake? Madness to those who believe the benefit to be filling their pockets out of our treasury, but of great sense and concern to those of us whose tax dollars are being used to perpetuate corruption. 2 recent projects which have highlighted this more than ever are in the planned construction of a $1.5B Children’s Hospital, and a near $8B Highway, with it being even worse than a case of mere negligence, but spitting on and laughing at expert findings.

ImageA Children’s Hospital. Now there is a nice idea! But how now does that work in a country where we are short of Doctors, and don’t know which way is up in Public Health Administration? Not to mention those who cannot afford cars being subjected to a deplorable public transport situation. So the building is going up with no management plan beyond theory and good thoughts. Fair enough however that the idea is good and could definitely be worth something if properly studied and implemented. What can be made of the intentions of the Government, now that experts have weighed in a report stating that the land that they plan to build it on is in a seismic zone, prone to earthquakes. On top of that, how did the $400M consulting fee that was paid not produce a proper geological analysis? Now the big shock (as if), the Government is going ahead with the project as scheduled, no double take even to see the impending disaster predicted and backed by the scientific facts, or logistical nightmares.

ImageNow back in the news, an issue that was twisted and centered around the now famous Kublalsingh hunger strike diet is the Point Fortin Highway project, which carries just under a $8B bill for our nation. Now let’s remember always, that what we want is not necessarily a highway but the benefits of a highway, i.e the reduction of traffic and convenience of use. With a budget like this, you would expect a Highway that floats off of the ground and carries you to and fro without need of a vehicle…okay realistically you would expect a proper report to be done, including a cost-benefit analysis, a geological report (as much land and the Oropouche Lagoon will be cut into). No proper review was done, and after much strife, the Highway Re-route movement got the PM to agree to an Independent report being done, headed by Independent Senator Dr. James Armstrong. The Armstrong report revealed that not only is are $Millions per mile being overstated, but that the construction will destroy the Lagoon, cap Oil wells (less revenue for the country), and flood surrounding agricultural lands (leading to possibly higher food prices for some crops and a higher food import bill). Now the kick in the proverbial ass of the citizens, that the structure itself will be prone to flooding and constant repairs, which will cause severe traffic delays… Despite all of this, the Government presses on, after all, the contracts done sign, and those in the camps of the PP have strategically purchased land have already called their own price and for all intended purposes are ready to have their own cheques signed straight out of our treasury.

These of course are only 2 examples, and deal with infrastructural development and the farce that we Trinbagonians are feed as truth. Development is always what we obtain from what is built, never the structure itself. Still not convinced? Then tell me, what good is a boat dock being built in the middle of the mainland, miles away from any water?


  1. Sophia says:

    Well said to the writer. The facts are there. Can we the citizens of Trinidad&Tobago stop this from happen and tell the government what we really need, which they already know and refuse to open there eyes to the betterment of the people and the sacred land on which we are on, no respect for either one.

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