Policing Peril: Force over Forward

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Crime can never be eradicated, merely controlled and prevented. Until the nature of man changes, We must work towards that end.

A few days ago 400 Police Officers descended on East PoS in an attempt to deal with the crime issue that saw 12 people killed in less than 24hrs (including many youths and a 16y.o pregnant girl). 90 persons were held, yet not a single firearm found. What began as a show of force ended in an embarrassing escapade as 59 persons were released the next day, some threatening to take legal action against the state for wrongful arrests and breaches of their rights as citizens. The trust in police further shaken, this undoes much of the essential efforts made in Police-Community relations which is needed in the fight against crime. This attempted clean up and now for now ’rounds up’ is what we have tried from time to time with little avail, and more problems than solutions, the the issue needs to be taken apart and analysed further. 

ImageFirst, it is sad that 400 police can be mobilized by an executive order yet calling for a police officer to respond to a disturbance/crime in certain areas is considered a waste of a phone call. This shows that the active orders operate well, while the regular and passive functions do not, which is a blow to the very foundation of Governance. Consistent and reliable policing would avoid much of the crime build up. There needs to be a steady policing function beyond just holding criminals in raids. The stop cap on crime that these raids provide for only a few days at most, has proven to do nothing in the long run.



Past that now, many were picked up on outstanding warrants, and others held for speculation and questioning. 59 Persons have been released and are threatening legal action against the state, which will cost us now in the long run with state attorney fees and any settlements that should arise. Those held wrongly may well have had information that is valuable to police, but when this is obtained in ways that compromise the legal process, how valuable is it? Unless we can convict criminals, we cannot take them off the streets. Unless we can take them off the streets, they will hold guns to our heads both metaphorically and literally. The police and prosecution need to work more closely in these matters and those in charge need to wait for a shot to line up right before firing.

ImageIt was very disturbing that not a single firearm was found in what is referred to as the heart of a gangland. This shows that the criminals are getting smarted at a faster rate than our law enforcement. This doesn’t mean that our law enforcement is stupid as per the stereotype, but that we are lagging behind in that area badly. There is also the factor coming in that it was speculated that the politically botched SoE was a time that taught the gangs to avoid these kind of crackdowns. In any case, we are faced with a fight against crime that we are quickly losing. Unless we phase out the “now-for-now” and “hold-dem-quick” attitude against crime, and focus on intelligent policing, guided by proper prosecuting from the moment a person is suspected, then the criminal will control the streets rather than occupy the prisons. Brain and brawn are both needed, one does not have to be chosen over the other.


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