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Jack is the (Outside) Man!

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Jack is the (Outside) Man!


They should let me write an advertisement for ILP with real substance:
*Man in Green shirt approaches*
“Have You been the victim of a Political Horn?”
“Did You kiss all the ass you could, and still ended up with nothing, or not enough?”
“Did the PNM, UNC, COP, UTT, NBA, CNC3, Ali’s Roti Shop…”
*Man on street interupts*: “But wait nuh, what you talking about now, you not making sense.”
*Man in Green Responds*
“Listen boy, it doh haadda make no sense. I mean, Excuse me Sir, but you are not seeing the bigger picture.”
“We have a place for You!”
“Don’t bargain and rent out your Morals and Integrity. Sell them Outright!”
“Join the ILP today! And Remember:”
*Jack Warner runs past kicking a Golden FIFA Ball and interjects*
“Tell them Jack Warner say, I.L.P. stand for ‘I Lie Plenty’*
*Everyone hugs and has a laugh, watching the Camera*


With Local Government Elections around the corner, and General Elections 1 and a Half Years away, some rats are fleeing from the sinking Partnership, and others who can’t seem to garden well enough to grow a Balisier are clamoring to the stereotypical weird guy who you know as “Uncle.” The kind who is not really related to you and that your parents don’t want you around alone. Coming with candy and treats when you were to young to understand a bribe, now you are all grown up and he is still coming with candy, but now you should know better what is coming when you are asked to come home with him (especially with his brand new $7M headquarters). So who is the one driving the Green Van? Everyone’s Favorite (especially Jr. Sammy’s Firetruck Department and FIFA’s retired head cabal), Trinidad’s very own Uncle Jack!


The idea that a party could form and fight an election in a few weeks, far less offer an entire Local Government Campaign is not too feasible to put it lightly. The illusion of Jack the Man-o-Action being all that it takes to pull this off is a farcry from the truth, which is, he’s been on the outskirts planning all along. Eyeing down everyone’s spouse and flirting when their backs were turned, the Generalissimo created more than just a legacy of abuse of power paired with corrupt practices. Now with his own symbol and full control of a party without a Constitution, Conscious or Cause, whoever wants a piece is welcome to come.


Former UNC Senators, MPs, and a bunch of current sitting PP Local Government Councillors have already defected and lent their name and reputation in exchange for the backing of the Green Giant. In all honesty some are not that bad and see this as a vehicle to make a difference. But again, they seem to forget who the driver is, and what his destination has always been…

A Shocking Scramble…

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-Aikido’s classic intention is to subdue an opponent without actually hurting him-

ImageI’ve received over 100 messages and phone calls asking about a video that has recently gone viral, which saw me subduing and pinning an assailant to the ground. The story of this was a bit too long for me to address everyone with a response, and it was an incident that made me thank God again for my 7 years of training in Traditional Martial Arts and multiple black belts which document my experience, but ultimately cover your ass only inside of the Dojo. My experience yesterday was one that many people I’m sure have faced, with much more gruesome results on both sides…Here is what happened (which reflects the Police report as well, which was uncontested by the assailant at the station).

ImageAt around 3:30 in the Afternoon, coming up to the Maraval KFC roundabout on Saddle Road, a car was trying to edge into my lane aggressively in bumper to bumper traffic. I kept to my lane and continued driving. I thought I felt a slight touch on my tyre (at least it felt that way, although upon police inspection later nothing was found on either vehicle to indicate this). Continuing to roll for a second or two until the traffic stopped, I head a loud bang of a car door slamming, then another of the attacker hitting the back of my tray with his hand (hand print was shown at the station when he tried to lie about hitting it). As I looked back and opened my car door, he ran up and with momentum swing a cuff directly to my face while I was still buckled up inside of the vehicle, and at the same speed drew back and swung another which I raised my arm to block, grabbed his jersey with the other hand, and he stepped back pulling the baton and causing his shirt to rip, which then he proceeded to take it off. Unbuckling and pulling up the hand brake, I exited the car, and was rushed with the attacker aiming the baton at my head for a blow, which I stepped aside and deflected the blow, telling him to put it down and calm down after. More infuriated I was attacked again, this time grabbing him, but tripped on something while trying to hold on. He proceeded to raise his foot and stamp down on my chest, then raising it as high as he could and stamped down aiming at my head. I arched my back, and grabbed his foot as it made contact with my face and took him to the ground with a sweep to the opposite leg. Then got to his back on the ground and locked my legs around his waist to control his body and his arms (baton still in his hand) over his head, and shouted for someone to call for the police. 2 school boys ran up to pull me off of them and I yelled at them to move, as all they would have done is allow him to get back up and attack again. The attacker eventually rolled and got up on all fours, proceeding to lift me off the ground while on his back, to which I used my ankle to turn his knee outwards and bring him back down, this time holding his fist with the weapon to the ground and dragging it across the road to make him let go and take the weapon. He turned over and I assumed the mounted position seen in the video in which I kept him pinned down.

ImageHis eyes at this point had tears of rage and he was trying to punch me, claw at my stomach, and chock me, but to no avail. I kept telling him as I held the baton and my fist over his head many time “I don’t want to hit you! Calm Down!” I even tried to calm him by asking him if he wanted money and I’d give it to him, he just needs to calm down. He kept cussing me and telling me to get off he was calm, meanwhile he was using this as a chance to quickly try to grab the baton out of my hand. People around were egging me on to hit him, and others taunting him to his embarrassment. This whole ordeal must have gone on for about 4 or 5 minutes, which is a damn long time in a “fight.” The police came, and did their job to a T. They handcuffed him before I got off of him, searched him and his vehicle while I went for my ID. Up to this point I still have not hit him once, and other than the lip burst on the inside, just
grazes to my feet and hands from restraining him on the asphalt. Since I never hit him, it is a clear Assault and Battery charge (as well as criminal damage for the hit to the vehicle), which the Police are awaiting a medical report to send a court order for him. He revealed to me afterwards in pleading for me not to take it further that he already is in court, and had a couple of drinks in his head. One of my question to him that he couldn’t answer at the station was “If I hadn’t been able to protect myself, you would have just brutalized me in the car continuously?”…

Imagen this experience I’ve learned something about the Martial Artist and Person I’ve become from where I was. A few years ago, I would have hit him hard and fast from the get go, or maybe even tossed him and chocked him out and ended the situation right there. My lawyer said to me that day “I’m so glad I’m getting this call from you saying your okay and have charges to press, It could have a call saying that you were dead or on a charge for Manslaughter.” In the end, even though some people think that I should have hit him and taught him a lesson, I think I did my dojo, my students, and myself proud by choosing to not cross the line that I had set for myself based on the philosophy I have adopted, to avoid damaging another human being, whenever possible to do so. A final message to anyone readying; Avoid danger whenever possible, and be prepared to defend yourself when danger comes to you.

Thanking all support and concern from Loved ones and Stranger alike,

Paul-Daniel Nahous
Head Instructor
Senshiken Karate.

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” Cree Indian Proverb

Planting trees

I stood up one day a few years ago on the edge of a jetty (pier) “Down de Islands” with my cousin. We had practically grown up there, coming to swim, lime and fishing since birth, and could remember the buckets of fish we caught there on a monthly basis, but some was different. I looked down, then looked to him and said “Where are all the fish?” He looked back at me and said “We fished them all out…” When we were young all we knew was that we were catching fish, we didn’t realize what the long term repercussions of such a seemingly harmless activity would be. Not giving the fish a chance to repopulate led to the water by that jetty becoming barren in that sense, so what happens when hunters are hunting wild and free during the hunting session and trawlers are killing more than just fish? You get (for once) a responsible response from the Government by putting a temporary ban and restrictions to hunting and trawling.

ISAPETo get his out of the way first, a serious issue that arises and that is being used as some sort of half-assed push against the ban is the prevalence of poaching (illegal hunting). To those pushing this, I ask: Since people drink and drive everyday and get away, is it acceptable to just allow drunk driving and forget about charging people with the offence? We must look at every piece that will improve the situation. This is an issue in it’s own right, not something that makes it okay for people to legitimately endanger the environment. Agreed though that additional measures need to be put in place to stop poachers. More Game Wardens (deputized if needed), even stiffer fines, and a combination of manpower and technology to bring the offenders to justice

before-and-after-viewTrawling and Hunting Restrictions are now being put into place in order to allow the environment to recover. Those who don’t see the bigger picture outside of their fishing trips and wild meat limes are up in metaphorical arms as are those who oppose them to prevent the impending Destruction of our Eco-System, Marine and Wildlife. The population of various species are in danger, and there needs to be a stop before they become endangered nationally. The Trawling is regarded as “the world’s most destructive fishing practice,”presenting a threat to many reefs and smaller species of fish. It is time to put a stop to the underlying destruction before it is too late.

tumblr_lvaw54AIDY1qmkmguo1_500The morality of hunting and trawling is not the issue here, it is the overall effect that it is having on the Environment in part and as a whole. Unless we can see outside of our own immediate pleasures of the present, we will doom ourselves for the future. I’m far from a bleeding heart environmentalist, and closer to a steak for every meal conservative. So what makes me take this stance?  The fact that if we don’t take measures to preserve what we have, and rebuild what we destroyed, we will have nothing in the future. The world would thrive without us, but we would die without the world. We own land, but the Earth owns us.

Paul-Daniel Nahous,
Someone who enjoys both Hunting and Fishing


Like a Politician in the Night…

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It came like a Politician in the night. Which is similar to a thief in the night, but at least twice as professional, and just about half as ugly.


The last week of activity in the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago saw a double dose of PR, a bit too literally for comfort. Not only does PR now stand for Public Relations, but also Proportional Representation. Both are equally confusing to the public, especially in how bold face both were used. In absence of proper education to the public and the presence of cheep manipulation Proportional Representation aka “The Alderman Bill” came to pass through the Parliament chambers.

voter-confusionWhat is Proportional Representation? In a nutshell (and staying relevant to the issue at hand), it is a different system of counting votes in areas, and in this particular case has to do with the Aldermen (reps of professional stature elected by Councillors themselves after winning local elections and forming the Regional/City Corporation). The new now passed Bill makes the Aldermen Elected officials in a more similar manner to the Councillors. So the sense of having a professional opinion to supplement the elected representatives is now gone, and furthermore it is being looked on as a tactic to retain positions in Regional/City Corporation based on how the votes will now be distributed. A desperate tactic to hold onto power in the face of the impending cut tail at the polls.
images (2)Now the reel shocker, the story of how such a Bill came to pass. Section 34 caught the nation by surprise while we were partying away our 50th Independence, and the PR Bill caught the opposition sleeping, no not figuratively, literally sleeping. First in a displace of frontal force, the Bill was only given to the Opposition to read 1 day prior to debate, and then powered through the Lower House of Parliament with a simply majority vote the same day of debate. What followed abuse of responsibility and power? Plain deceit on one side, and Senators missing the vote napping on the other. The Senate had the chance to delay the Bill by challenging it on the vote, but the Government dragged on the debate in a marathon session until 3am. At this point, it was noticed that the (over 12 hour) debate had found all Opposition and Independent Senators sleeping. A vote was immediately called for, and hearing no “Nays” when the President of the Senate asked “All for and all Opposed,” the Bill passed and is waiting to be proclaimed. Presumably before Local Government Elections this will come into effect.

ImageSo there you have it, how the future of our country is decided. The Parliament being a playground of specific interests, with plenty of room for a napping area. One would want to believe that more respect would be shown for process and maybe a nudge given by the Speaker(PotS) or Clerk, but no such luck. Democracy this day was shown to be merely a formality to those on top to grip on to the law and twist it, as an entire election process has now been changed by vaps and laps. This Bill came and went through our Parliament in a matter of days, unknown to all until it was too late, Like a Politician in the Night….


Youths want a Community

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Paul-Daniel Nahous asks “Simba” the reason for today’s Protest. Deigo Youths want Community Centre and Field restored. Crime increase since closing of the facilities, and Residents want their community back.

Political Go-to-Pack (video)

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