Political Go-to-Pack (video)

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for yr reviews, you said it right as it is. We are in a mess sad but true. I hope that people of Trinidad and Tobago will wake up to common sense, and not be manipulated by false out come as a quick fix . I believe any party that is in power should have a basic understanding of their surrounding and not by guess work, go out and know yr territory as a minster to be or a minister so you can prove your true worth to yr country . I am so fed up of these unless people in the wrong position. If this government would be honest and say we truly don’t not know how to govern our own party they will allow our people to know how silly they were to make hasty decision with out common sense to vote for a party they have no knowledge for. Ok PNM did what they did, water under the bridge. Now that we choose a party that is clueless of governing a country tells me at the end who are the foolish ones , we the citizen of T&T. I hope as I write my comment that all who are part of this program can come together not by words only, but by making a difference for the changes that will better our country and the people. I trust that day will be soon. Hope this made sense. Thank you.

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