Like a Politician in the Night…

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

It came like a Politician in the night. Which is similar to a thief in the night, but at least twice as professional, and just about half as ugly.


The last week of activity in the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago saw a double dose of PR, a bit too literally for comfort. Not only does PR now stand for Public Relations, but also Proportional Representation. Both are equally confusing to the public, especially in how bold face both were used. In absence of proper education to the public and the presence of cheep manipulation Proportional Representation aka “The Alderman Bill” came to pass through the Parliament chambers.

voter-confusionWhat is Proportional Representation? In a nutshell (and staying relevant to the issue at hand), it is a different system of counting votes in areas, and in this particular case has to do with the Aldermen (reps of professional stature elected by Councillors themselves after winning local elections and forming the Regional/City Corporation). The new now passed Bill makes the Aldermen Elected officials in a more similar manner to the Councillors. So the sense of having a professional opinion to supplement the elected representatives is now gone, and furthermore it is being looked on as a tactic to retain positions in Regional/City Corporation based on how the votes will now be distributed. A desperate tactic to hold onto power in the face of the impending cut tail at the polls.
images (2)Now the reel shocker, the story of how such a Bill came to pass. Section 34 caught the nation by surprise while we were partying away our 50th Independence, and the PR Bill caught the opposition sleeping, no not figuratively, literally sleeping. First in a displace of frontal force, the Bill was only given to the Opposition to read 1 day prior to debate, and then powered through the Lower House of Parliament with a simply majority vote the same day of debate. What followed abuse of responsibility and power? Plain deceit on one side, and Senators missing the vote napping on the other. The Senate had the chance to delay the Bill by challenging it on the vote, but the Government dragged on the debate in a marathon session until 3am. At this point, it was noticed that the (over 12 hour) debate had found all Opposition and Independent Senators sleeping. A vote was immediately called for, and hearing no “Nays” when the President of the Senate asked “All for and all Opposed,” the Bill passed and is waiting to be proclaimed. Presumably before Local Government Elections this will come into effect.

ImageSo there you have it, how the future of our country is decided. The Parliament being a playground of specific interests, with plenty of room for a napping area. One would want to believe that more respect would be shown for process and maybe a nudge given by the Speaker(PotS) or Clerk, but no such luck. Democracy this day was shown to be merely a formality to those on top to grip on to the law and twist it, as an entire election process has now been changed by vaps and laps. This Bill came and went through our Parliament in a matter of days, unknown to all until it was too late, Like a Politician in the Night….


  1. Marc Spencer says:

    Proof that they will try anything to win a election. What happened to the government that in 2010 wanted to make our country a better place? If you keep going the way you are going, we’ll end up worse off than Hati and Venezuela combined.

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