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There are those who Practice Martial Arts, and there are Martial Artists. A short list, the former is the first step, that could lead to the latter, if you are willing to put in the Blood, Sweat, and Tears, of the Body, Mind and Spirit:
Training in the Dojo (school) a couple or few days a week makes you a Practitioner, Countless hours of training at home makes you a Martial Artist.
Knowing how to throw a Strike makes you a Practitioner, Knowing When to throw (and not throw) a Strike makes you a Martial Artist.
Learning Techniques makes you a Practitioner, Interpreting, understanding and developing the techniques makes you a Martial Artists
Your formal Rank in class makes you a Practitioner, Your passing of knowledge to others in the Dojo makes you a Martial Artists.
Your Uniform identifies you as a Practitioner, Your Conduct identifies you as a Martial Artist.
A Practitioner Wins Respect, a Martial Artist Earns it.

Remember that the time you spend training is important, long hours and hard work over years are what forges a Martial Artist. After all that is said and done in that time however, it is about what you take out of what you put in. A person who has learned the Martial way in whatever context that they are taught among the many Arts, and not been molded by it in some form or fashion, is someone who is yet to learn to truly be a Martial Artist.

O and lastly a Martial Artist has beaten Street Fighter Turbo II (yes the 1992 one on Super Nintendo) on a Hard Difficulty at least once.  

-Paul-Daniel Nahous


As a Letter of Fact

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“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal are others.”- George Orwell
Picture it; A Letter Arrives at the AG’s office from someone who really gets it. The logic on the current administration is embodied by this, much to the delight of the receivers-

hate mail letter envelope on fire

“I write to you today with the utmost respect, admiration, and with an up to date party card. Mr. AG, I write to you today to tell you to please ignore all detractors, in the same way you ignored the people of the nation like our fine Prime Minister (yes that will show them who is boss!).

You see people just don’t understand how it is in your line of work. How many perks and privileges can be legally abused, and how good it feels to abuse it. Who wouldn’t let those close to him use their VIP perks, I mean they are tax payers too right? And it’s our taxes that are used, so yes, you are right in whatever and whoever you do through the use of state resources.

9c3fd167_vbattach183351Mr. AG, they want to hem and haw about your team putting together a propaganda video about an investigative journalist, and sharing it about. You can share whatever you want! Leaked pictures of her in a bikini too? All That! People saying how you have a family, and a set of coco in the sun and in the Hyatt, all over outside the family life, but what that have to do with anything? Let he who is without sin get out of we country!

The person in question is writing for the Express newspaper no less, how sad. In 2010 the Express mash up Manning and the PNM, but don’t let that fool you, you know how them duncy PNM children like to bring in facts to confuse we. It’s against us now which is unfair, when a paper write against someone they can’t write about no one else, because that would be bias.

We trying hard to mash up the journalist on a personal level, proof or not so don’t worry. Attacking a personality will automatically make; Section 34 good law, all the forged C.Vs legitimate, Reshme qualified, the State of Emergency justified, Prakash grow balls, THA and Local Government automatically go back to us, and Jack Warner our drinking buddy again. But I digest. I mean “digress,” sorry but all the eatin-ah-food have digestion on my mind…

So in closing Mr. AG, I would like to recommend to you to continue doing what you are doing (although that was the plan all along). Democracy is merely a word to men like you, Power is a much sexier one, so keep at it! And finally, I would like to quote you self, to remind you that anyone who opposes, you, the Queen, the rest of the Cabal or anything you all do, that “All Ah Dem is Ah PNM!”

An Admirer ”

Sadly, this is a little too true about the mentality of many party fanatics and sycophants alike….


Blurred Lines

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

On stage made up and decorated purely for show and shock, making a mockery of society and culture with nothing left to revive a sinking career but to wine up on each other with poor form. O and Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke did it to. Kamla Persad Bissessar and Ian Alleyne put Cyrus and Thicke to shame with their St. Joseph Performance. The lines have been blurred for years now by the Government in terms of Separation of their state powers and privileges from their Private life, which translates to total abuse of their positions. Taking it to extremes in a desperate grab for their once controlled St. Joseph Constituency, boldface-ness and abuse square off against public perception.

Let’s first take a look at how Ian Alleyne has blurred his own lines. The host of Crime watch that was previously “not for sale,” seems to have left this statement chronically unfinished, as it can now be read between the lines as “not for sale, for cheap.” A few promises and alleged prices called all over has seen the former TV start turned political street performer into a spectacle. The question is now being asked by his former fan base, where his lines lay in terms of how much he can blur them for (with or without his trademark sponsored glasses). One would think that given the Circuses p resented for 3 elections for the Year by the UNC, that a strong candidate from the party’s depths, or anyone in general with a half-decent reputation left would have been screened. No luck however, flair and glare, no competence there.

The meat of the abuse going is not only exemplified in this By-Election, and has pushed it to it’s absolute limits. Straight up cash bribes and employment? Nah, this election is different as the usual means proved useless this year, they bypassed all of that and just handed out contracts directly. Now what is wrong what that one may ask, especially as development needs to take place and aside from the obvious focus now on a constituency that has been largely ignored for the last 3 years. Allyene admitted proudly, as did Cabinet members, to him being a “Middle Man,” awarding the contracts. Alleyne hold NO state position, NO appointment, so where is the line and method he went about to award STATE contracts? 24 have been admitted too, 1 for every hour of the day we are subjected to this type of nonsense. Loos like we no longer have to worry about our tax dollars potentially funding bribes now, they have cut out the bank being the middle man, and are giving it out directly as projects via a former Outside man….
middle man millionaire
Whether it’s a state vehicle being used privately for Minister’s Families to do groceries, or entertaining “assistants” on state expense accounts, it all boils down to a “we in power, we do what we want” thing. The lines of the constituency are the only solid ones that will be laid in tomorrows by-Elections (unless voter padding is back, and in that case we are more backwards than forwards by far). This old tactic of “pay offs” that was overhauled into an entirely different beast in terms of formality and functionality will be tested tomorrow in a By-Election that will surly be somebody’s downfall in the end. Tomorrow will either prove to be a breath of fresh Hope for TnT in showing the integrity and power of the people, or the coming of another dark age in TnT politics, one that we would be powerless against, funded by our own tax dollars….