Humming Bird Corner: Practitioners vs Martial Artists

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

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There are those who Practice Martial Arts, and there are Martial Artists. A short list, the former is the first step, that could lead to the latter, if you are willing to put in the Blood, Sweat, and Tears, of the Body, Mind and Spirit:
Training in the Dojo (school) a couple or few days a week makes you a Practitioner, Countless hours of training at home makes you a Martial Artist.
Knowing how to throw a Strike makes you a Practitioner, Knowing When to throw (and not throw) a Strike makes you a Martial Artist.
Learning Techniques makes you a Practitioner, Interpreting, understanding and developing the techniques makes you a Martial Artists
Your formal Rank in class makes you a Practitioner, Your passing of knowledge to others in the Dojo makes you a Martial Artists.
Your Uniform identifies you as a Practitioner, Your Conduct identifies you as a Martial Artist.
A Practitioner Wins Respect, a Martial Artist Earns it.

Remember that the time you spend training is important, long hours and hard work over years are what forges a Martial Artist. After all that is said and done in that time however, it is about what you take out of what you put in. A person who has learned the Martial way in whatever context that they are taught among the many Arts, and not been molded by it in some form or fashion, is someone who is yet to learn to truly be a Martial Artist.

O and lastly a Martial Artist has beaten Street Fighter Turbo II (yes the 1992 one on Super Nintendo) on a Hard Difficulty at least once.  

-Paul-Daniel Nahous


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