Big Dough Robbery: $17Million and One

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last week recorded the biggest heist in Trinidad and Tobago History with $17M being stolen in a single robbery, and One veteran Security Officer left dead. Now keep in mind this was the biggest private sector robbery, as $17M nowadays is considered petty crime in public sector/ government corruption. All jokes aside however (although the last point was more a sad reality than a bad joke), this resulted in a true tragedy, not because of the money stolen but because of the life lost. What is even more disturbing is the setting of the robbery, couple with a morally lacking social response to it.


The Circumstances of the Robbery itself indicate that it was at best gross negligence of the highest degree possible, and at worst a set up at the top level at the security company hired for transport. A man working for almost 40 years as a security officer, 1 year short of retirement, was gunned down as a sitting duck due to the manner in which he was sent to duty. The guard was sent alone with a driver; no back up, no bullet proof vest, and the money ($17 Million) in the back of what can adequately be described as a bread van; no bullet proof plating, no bullet proof glass, and no hope of fending off anything more than being pelted with a big stone. It almost seems like a scene out of a low budget comedy film, but no one is laughing over this blunder that seems less like a blunder and more like a well planned out, cash out. For public knowledge, when a company transports banks’ petty cash and float, it is in fully armoured vehicles with a team of security in bullet proof vest, and armed to the teeth. Let that sink in and think about how ridiculous the former situation (the robbery) is.

The talk about this being an inside job prompted a certain Radio DJ to ask his listeners to call in with the question “Would you have taken a cut in this to let it happen?” Much to his shock, he failed miserably in his trust of his fellow trinis, and in trying to inspire a sense of right and wrong. The majority of callers expressed that they would have taken a “cut” in the profit to look the other way, and even to help set it up. The question he posed to them constantly was “but what of the man losing his life?” Their response was that if the KNEW that someone was going to die they would not, or perhaps would but simply “go feel reel bad about it.” As the DJ expressed, “You can never know if someone would lose their life in these situations, but you can expect that it can happen.” He closed off expressing distress in the nation and the people saying to his technical person “We gone through.”

??????????????????????????????????????So this is where we are at now, and still waiting for the dust to settle while investigations are underway. The security company has a lot of questions to answer as to their lack of precautions taken in transporting the money, a family is left to mourn the end of a hard working man’s life, bandits make more money that most of us will ever hope to see, and business goes on as usual in sweet T&T. Have no fear though, the money was insured so the banks wont lose out, but perhaps we will see extra banking fees popping up all over the place (not like we’d notice with all that we have already), to up the insurance. On the positive side socially, many radio hosts have taken to the front, denouncing not only the robbery “set up” scenario, but in how the media is sidelining the issue of a man being killed over the “Big Story” of the amount stolen. This “successful” highway heist, if not sorted out and arrests made soon, will inspire bandits to hope and attempt more daring robberies…all at our expense….

  1. Anonymous says:

    This thing hurt me to my heart. I knew that man for years, since Wells Fargo days. Courteous, well mannered, respectful, honest, kind, hard working and serious about his job. How could he end this way? Sigh!!

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