A Week of Passing: Mourning and Memories

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


This week saw RIP notices flooding Newspapers and News Feeds. From the very young to the very old, from those stricken with poverty to the unimaginably wealthy, the unknown to the world famous. While the former part of the week consisted of accidents and brutal murders (mainly of children), the latter (today) I can smile at. Two men passed away in their 90’s, on a local sport hero who excelled on a global scale, the other an international icon of justice and freedom beyond compare. It is a sigh of relief to not hear of people dying tragically by the bullet or speed, and not of a young age. As we continue to seek justice and try to make sense of the senseless lives lost, let us try to smile while sending off all men of greatness who have more than served their time in this harsh physical world, and left back a Legacy that will undoubtedly be preserved throughout time .

On the flip side…
“RIP Paul Walker” takes over the Trini News Feed more than RIP to the 3 year old who was killed yesterday, and the 6 year old who was raped while being killed and stuffed in a barrel. Trinis more upset over Zimmerman getting off than of the 5 killings in Trinidad that same weekend. My fellow Trinis have so quickly traded in their colonized minds for mindless US fandom. Why do we struggle to find a National Identity? Because we traded what we were told we were (“Natives” by the British), for what we aspire to degrade into (American Pop Culture). We care less about who we are over who we fight down to try to be. Jump up and Wine has become the overtone of Trinis to the world, and we like it so ent? Nonsense going on here. Until we fight to uphold the phrase “Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve” in line with defining ourselves as a Nation, the National Anthem, Our Watchwords, and our National Pledge (how many of us even know that we have a National Pledge, let alone can recite it) will continue to die a slow and painful death like many of our society.

If this upsets or offends you, do like some “trinis” out there and kill another Scarlet Ibis for wild meat then complain about those telling you to stop in the same “wrong and strong” manner that has become the norm here…..

Among those who have left us:
The Sad (Sending off in Sorrow):
Keyana. A six year old girl with with world ahead of her, taken in a brutal manner, raped while being killed. The murder accused is in custody and facing trail. May she Rest in Peace and the Lord comfort her family.

The Questionable (Sending off in Confusion):
21 year old man shot dead at 8am, broad daylight by arguably the most buzy Gas station in the West…

The Good (Sending off with Pride):
Former T&T Sprinter, 100m World Record Holder & 1977 Chaconia Gold Medal awardee, Emanuel McDonald Bailey has just died. He passed away at the age of 92. A final bow out for a national sport hero. RIP
May the Soul of Nelson Mandela Rest in Peace, and may we never forget his struggle and the legacy that great men like him have left behind. 95 years on this earth and a message that will last forever.

May the Souls of all the faithfully departed, through the Mercy of God, Rest in Peace.  SU-40-1948-Olympics-4

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