Glitter, Glam and Guns (Leroy, Where yuh Mind Gone?)

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

ImageAfter reading through the comments that Leroy Clarke made in his latest work, I have to say that I find it to have a few stimulating debate topics but quickly ended up distressing then downright ridiculous. Looking as objectively as possible and not being swayed by public opinion I read through and understand his concern with the issue of gender lines given his beliefs, but what followed was quickly a both sad and mad leap into an insane asylum of ‘rationale’ attempting to explain that homosexuality is a driving factor in gang-activity. He made a point in theorizing that some young men would resort to the gun as an outward expression of a hidden insecurity, but the way it was overemphasized and sloppily tied in reduced a possible issue to explore the thought of into a drunken sounding debacle of intellectual vomit.

ImageThe issue of blurring Gender lines vs specific and separate purpose for each Sex, is one that runs deep in beliefs on both sides and was an interesting debate to bring up. He went into the past depictions in carnival costumes, where one was undoubtedly male and the other undoubtedly female, to current day where there seems to be little difference. In all fairness I think that sections like Tribe “Butterfly” section for both men and women was a bit odd, albeit funny. I’m surprised however that an elder such as Leroy made no mention of the classic Trini Comedies where straight men would dress up as women, which is part of the cultural Theater. This can be rebutted though saying the majority of them make no attempt to hide their masculinity, but the root of this being a play on gender roles was conveniently left out, making a debate far from where he was going. It was summed up that the homosexual population/agenda has damaged the arts, but many will argue with conviction and evidence that without the input and involvement of many homosexuals there would be but a fraction of “Art” left in TnT.

Now the bigger stir and the Meat of the issue, the ‘Gay Agenda’ linked to increase gang-activity. It is true that there are young men who have been abused sexually at a young age, as well as those who have this sexual preference feeling repressed in a more traditional community/family, who resort to violence as an outward expression of inner rage. However, how much does this account for? Any educated guess would tell the tale of this being possibly one of the lowest factors contributing to gang growth, and the attack was so targeted and far stretching that it was revealed as an ignorant attack on sexuality rather than the abuse the could cause the problem in the first place.

ImageOne thing this can produce however (and has to some extent) is an anti-religious push by those on the receiving end of the bashing, given that Leroy quoted scripture briefly. Those who fire back with this prejudice are guilty of pushing the same kind of hate and nonsense that is being pushed against them. Deal with the issue itself, decipher, defuse, and debunk, rather than dis, disrespect, and discriminate. If there is anything that Leroy’s deep dive into senility, mid-analysis, can teach us is a need to dig deeper into issues that flair our tempers…and of course to beware of particularly stylish men lurking around in groups. In short, *cue the parang beat* Leroy, Where yuh Mind Gone?

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