Life After Carnival

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

GOOD DAY TRINBAGO! A bit too loud for you all? As I quiet down the tone while you bodies’ sober up from the Carnival, the message may hit your head and heart a little harder than expected. While there are many who partook in the fun and revelry of the season with little consequence other than swollen feet and a costume headpiece to tabancca over, a decent amount of people have made their lives victims of their own Carnival crash course. Art, Vybz, and Bashment have been mirrored by Debt, Relationship Crisis, and even Criminal Convictions, which makes Carnival’s capacity for Enjoyment go hand in hand with it’s ability to cause Destruction.

ImageNow other than the 150Million that Carnival Costs the state (i.e. our tax dollars) a year, how much has it costs others financially? Banks offer Carnival loans, and like flies to a web when borrowing,(yet mosquitoes to cockset when time to pay) people take the bait. So for months after it’s catch tail for those who get catch, and that is with the payments alone. What about now those who do not pay their TnTec and WASA Bills? The same ones who bawling for Electricity and Water, shouldn’t be the same ones jumping up instead of paying. Simply put, if you can’t afford basic utilities, thousands of dollars in fete-ing and playing Mas doesn’t seem like a justifiable entertainment investment from a reasonable point of view. Remember the old saying “Poor people stay poor playing Rich, and Rich people stay Rich playing Poor,” Have your fun, but within your means please people.

ImageOn to the real Bacchanal, Relationship rocking. As the soca song goes “Ah little whine cah hurt nobody,” some significant others may have an opposing view to that. It goes further than just a whine here and there causing the classic Trini Couple fall out, as it sinks into an attitude of utter slackness in the spirit of ‘doh care’ and more recently ‘live yuh life.’ Everyone is different and everyone’s relationship(s) differ, but knowing how far to go and what/who you risk losing is a consideration that should be taken. Don’t let a temporary decision cause you to lose a permanent person. However if this is your permanent behviour and the people in your life are very temporary, carry on then. To each his own, but know your scene and handle it accordingly.

ImageFinally, in (hopefully) the lowest percentage of Carnival problems, is that of run ins with the law. There seems to be a growing school of social behaviour that treats this season as being synonymous with lawlessness. Other than decorating residents’ of Woodbrook’s walls with the 3 Ps (Paint, Piss and Pelvis), the over-consumption of alcohol has led to holding cells being yet another booked out place to spend the night. Assault and Battery, Drunk Driving, Sexual Assault, and in a few rare cases Murder/Attempted Murder are among the main scenarios that have people sobering up in a cell, and diving them back to the bottle afterwards, providing that they can pay the hefty lawyer fees, court fees, and debt to society (i.e. jail time).

ImageSober yet? If so, welcome to the Lent Season in TnT. If Sweet TnT hasn’t turned Sour for you, then congratulations for enjoying the season in a somewhat responsible manner. If not, Maybe next year will be better now that you realise that there is -Life after Carnival-.

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  2. Anastasia says:

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