Probing Ministers

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

alienProbe Probing Ministers has always been common in Trinidad and Tobago history. From the PM go down there is always talk about probing, and no one seems to be exempt, especially young staff members who are considered probe-able. There are even Ministers who go forth and probe fearlessly without prejudice, probing both men and women, young and old. Most probes go unnoticed and that’s just the way those on top like it, as for some reason their spouses and the public aren’t a fan of all the probing going on. All jokes aside, we have seen within a week both the Minister of the People & Social Development and the Minister of Tourism fired, both for alleged physical assaults on women. Changing up the tempo and getting serious now it’s time for a tongue lashing.

1970647_10152283139385519_1386503962_nStarting with the now Infamous Sasha’s Singh bringing down the Minister of Tourism Chandresh Sharma. Her behaviour in running around with a Married man and what she gained out of it is at best a Bad choice with Big Gain, and at worse High grade Prostitution. Sharma however is no man who is the victim of his own desires. He ran around with a ‘young ting’ while being a Minister and is also a religious leader, married with big children. Not to mention whatever privileges he allotted her in that position of ‘official horna woman.’ BOTH of them are WRONG and should be ashamed. She should go her way and press her charges for the alleged assault and battery, amd Sharma should relax his libido and come clean on what went on. And don’t think I’m leaving out those online who are posting the pornographic pictures of her either. Most of those individuals have been UNC members who are attempted to exempt the former Minister by virtue to “exposing” the woman’s character, and much more…Not a bloody shred of shame to be found Anywhere. 

Puncheon RumNow onto Glenn Ramadharsingh who has fired for his incident on the Caribbean Airlines flight in which he attempted to palm off his behaviour on “severe fatigue.” Reports of his actions were taken from the flight crew, police and the former Minister himself, and following this he was promptly dismissed from his Cabinet place. Allegations have now arisen of the former Minister having individuals perform sexual acts on him in exchange for favours such as Housing allocations. Sad thing is that he isn’t even the Minister of Housing, but close enough to fool those who don’t know where administrative lines fall. Maybe something to introduce into the schools eh Tim? But I digress. Now allegations are simply that (even with the reputation that certain ministers have) until investigations are complete, but what about know discrepancies? The Ministry of Social Development under Ramadharsingh, along with UNC “activists” boasted of removing hundreds of Homeless people from the streets and putting them into makeshift housing. Now reports are showing that many of those counted were picked up and released to be then picked up 2 and 3 times to multiply the number. Every time a person was picked up and lodged, the state spent money on it. In other words someone benefited from recycling Vagrants…

3D_Sunken_Ship_by_MajohAs for “Ms. I Have Been Advised,” the PM said that she fired him and that he resigned in the same sentence and expect for this to save him face while claiming to be a strong leader? Come Kamla and take yuh Bois. Knowing of the situation and pretending to fire with water when you have been backed into a corner? That is not leadership, that is being a Poor Judge of character. What is n   eeded is not praising yourself, but apologizing to the Nation for that massive blunder of fly by night Ministers you have disgraced us with (many still being protected in power). You want to really bring justice out of this? Then do a serious probe, one into how many contracts Ms. Singh got from the Former Minister Sharma, and what kind of slackness was really taking place in the Ministry of the People & Social Development. But alas, leadership is not once it once was, and we are heading towards a long called for and socially overdue Election next year. The sunken Partner-Ship headed by Capt. Morgan seems hell-bent on dragging the nation to the depths with them, Probes and all. 

  1. joaane says:

    Excellent piece of writing.

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