A Penny for Your Thoughts.

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

A man walks into Ruby Tuesdays and asks for a menu. Realizing he doesn’t have enough money he promptly exits. He then heads to a KFC and attempts to purchase a snack pack. Being told he doesn’t have enough money for that either, he leaves and heads to the bakery for a Hops. The baker laughs at him and says that money has inflated over the last few decades and that he still doesn’t have enough. Totally frustrated he storms into the Hyatt Restaurant and demands that he be served their most expensive meal, and proclaims that he doesn’t care whether or not he’s worked for it. The Manager steps in and asks what is going on, to which he explains that because he’s been around a long time and wants it and they should take whatever he has. The Manager agrees to see what he has and judge it from there. The Man places a Penny on the table.


The above shows the 1cent type politics that a small band of irrelevant politicians are trying to push inside of the People’s National Movement. True to the metaphor, the political poor man card is being played at every turn, with little shame, and even less support as they go along. The campaign for the Election of Ms. Beckles-Robinson aka “Penny,” began on the Victim foot and picked up speed only in running downhill to a total crash. When meetings seemed scarce some mutter of the fact that she is a woman was thrown in alongside heavy UNC support, followed by the failed spin on media coverage, going into the unfortunate circumstances of her brother’s arrest and charges, to where we are now with a legal action being taken to block our democratic process within the Party.

The sad saga began with a poor turnout on nomination for her and hers at Balisier House for nomination. What should have been a clear sign of being outmatched was ignored, but never the less she exercised her right to contest the leadership herself and every other post via her slate of candidates (whoever showed up anyway). Immediately the woman card was pulled in lieu of substance, and an uproar of support from the UNC, including the endorsement of high ranking cabal/cabinet members. This raised concern as to who the real winner would be if she were to win, and even Ms. 1cent herself had to ask what they were doing trying to dip their hand in other people’s pot. This was the start of a slippery yet still manageable campaign.

Team Rowley Rallies began in the Penny heartlands (such as Arima) to gauge response in those areas. Met with an unexpected wave of support, the media became very interested in covering the campaign. Beckle’s bag of copper coins in holding rallies met with less than expected and soon media turned a blind eye to the dark, after all, why waste electricity to light an empty room? Trying to play it off as they not wanting media coverage as it was not necessary for an internal election seemed just fine to everyone as this message itself received only enough coverage to say it was said. Of course all of this started to change when the talk of the News was about Ms. Beckles’s brother being arrested on illegal firearm and ammunition charges. This promoted the PNM’s “brotherhood” aspect of the part culture to kick in whereby everyone simply felt bad for her and left it alone as an unfortunate event not connected to her. Up in arms however were those in her camp as well as outside of the party who cried “Victim” prematurely, leaving those who were not in support of her to wonder who was really implicating her in all of this…

Fast-forward to recent times where word came out that 7000 membership requests were denied by the Party. One immediately has to wonder why so many membership requests came flooding in. Also matters such as a Woman showing up at Balisier House with a list of 400 name (no additional info), a pile of money for forms, and herself refusing to show any ID, prompt an alarming concern for electoral process. After a few more rallies and a motorcade with all 3 of her supporters in certain areas, desperation promoted the despicable. In a manner similar to how the Government operates i.e. “If I can legally do it it’s right,” the few cents of politics left to play have been spent in Legal action, applying to the courts to stop the PNM Internal elections. Where this ends up in the next couple of weeks is yet to be determined. Legal manoeuvring in exchange for Democracy. At the end of this long road of lost political currency however one thing is clear, a Penny has been spent, and true to the economy can’t get you anything of value.

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