When Twine Becomes Longer Than Time

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

ImageGood Evening Trinidad and Tobago, I say good evening in particular because the Nation has now woken up, only to realize that the morning and day has gone by and we are in the perpetual darkness of our own society. The murder of renowned Attorney, state Prosecutor, and newspaper Columnist Dana Seetahal SC, has plunged us into a state of shock and further fear, which is merely a reflection of how we have allowed our society to become. The country is divided today into those who are still genuinely in shock and those who choose to focus on the murder as a “tragedy” and are in morning out of impotent denial. In the cracks between society there are a few who have come to grip with what’s going on and analysed the situation along with trying to look forward. Love it or Hate it the future path is cut by those few, im putting it out there by tonight what I have made of this and where we need to go socially as well as politically…. who from all sides cah take the lix, stay far.

ImageFirst of all, for all of those in morning for Seetahal’s service to the country, ask them what they know of her work. Many know of her only by a name associated with being a “Big Lawyer,” and if this is the case, then why is the nation in a monstrous uproar? Because they are not shocked by her death in particular, rather it has drilled this message into their heads like a nail-gun: NO ONE IS SAFE. The youth being shot by police, or mother and children run over, those caught in crossfire by gangs, those robbed and raped to death, none of these instances shocked us like this; less because of what she gave (to those who don’t know) but more of the fact that she was a big figure in the country and considered “Untouchable.” And why wouldn’t she be? A woman who is a champion of the Criminal Courts as a prosecutor, a brilliant impartial writer, another beacon of integrity, known as an upstanding person in general. We are losing people that the country cannot afford to lose, from disenfranchised youths all the way up to those held in the most high of regard in society. RIP Dana, another loss we could not afford, paid in the blood of someone gone too soon…

ImageMoving on to come to terms with the Administrative situation. The Government has for too many years ignored the looming problems. What was breed under decades of switching Administrations some would say has reached a climax, but the nature of a climax is that it subsides naturally. This won’t, this can’t. Crime has been a runaway wagon that is speeding downhill, and all all truths are parallel, what does physics tell us? That there are only 2 ways that this wagon will stop, if gradual breaking pressure is applied to slowly halt it, or if it crashes violently. National Security has been tasked with the breaking, and to avoid a crash, ie. some sort of violent revolution that the country may destroy us completely (what little is left). For the last 4 years we’ve seen more National Security Ministers than in the last decade before, and the current policy seems to be “Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the Truth,” so they would want us to believe anyway. More police (less trained however) all over, yet the public doesn’t feel any more safe? Something is obviously wrong, or as the current Minister Captain Cave Man may argue against us with his stone-age policing considerations “Serious Crime is down.” Those in charge only know how to use a hammer, so they continue to treat every problem as a nail…

Coming out of this bacchanalia now some have dared to ask what we never want to sit down and rationally think about i.e. ‘Where do we go from here?’ Some were appalled that Seetahal didn’t have a bodyguard with her, but if she did all that would have changed was the news would have read ‘Seetahal and Bodyguard murdered.’ Many have began to argue for the bringing back of the Hangman, to which begs the question “How the ras clat do you expect to hand anyone you cannot catch? Proper policing and detection is what is needed before we talk about anything else. Those in high office seem to be looking at neither what caused this or solutions other than to offer a $1 Million reward for information to make up for the piss poor systems of detection in place. The AG looks to this as a chance to comment on his current investigation of himself, the PM offers condolences and shuts up (her speciality, maybe she has been advised to do so), and as usual the National Security Minister kisses his own tail hoping that we will all follow suit. 

ImageIt was all well and fine in our Green Banana Republic when the man on the street felt safe because the man around the corner, on the same level yet away from sight, was gunned down. Everything was just gang-related or an unfortunate isolated incident. Well now we realize that the criminals run things, those who were asleep are now awake in a state where those on top are looting what they can through corruption and those bellow are left helpless. All of this happening in plain sight, we didn’t only now “reach,” we have been there a long time now but refused to take notice. This is what happens when Twine becomes longer than Time.

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