Post-Mortem Politics

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Uncategorized


First of all allow me this opportunity to congratulate the Honourable Prakash Ramadhar on his recent mudslide victory in the COP internal elections, of which he won both votes cast. What this mean however is that The Corpse has been dug up, they decided that the current Physician was still the best suited to treat, and will soon be applying top dollar medicine to the dead body with the utmost professional confidence that it will pull through. Had another candidate one though, it would have been the same thing. While the party looks high and low for a specialist to reverse the decay, they refuse to acknowledge what is needed is a political Pathologist, and for that I lend my skill just for the hell of it. After all, for a party that is partly in power to only be able to muster less than 3000 votes nationwide, they need all the help they can get.

The COP in it’s inception embodied all of the political theory that the nation needed at the time (in a pretty decent package too). The implementation however was not only strained due to the nature of coalition politics where a lead party tends to strong arm lesser ones, but also due to a case of too many thinkers, not enough doers. Everyone had the idea, no one had the testicular fortitude to put plans into action, and by time the wheels of the People’s Partnership were rolling, any good intentions were quickly tread over. This however is far from a case of the COP being a victim, rather its former members were and those in power decided that integrity was not as profitable as 30 pieces of silver.

The question now looms though, how relevant was the COP’s politics in the first place? Much of the theory over practice direction has an eerie feel to those who studied (and lived through) the NAR’s administration. This leads us to wonder if this “Middle-ground” party that arises and gains support every generation (15-20yrs) is the natural product of an unbalanced equation trying to work itself out, or the excrement of the political word delivered in a pretty package. Either way, those who support the party still throughout all of the madness, are living proof that the road to Hell is no longer paved by good intention, but rather Jr. Sammy.

Onto the figures presented today, the re-elected political leader and cohorts should be very concerned that despite holding many MP and Ministerial positions, votes cast was a mere 2990 (Breakdown – Prakash Ramadhar – 1800, Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan- 1028, Dr. Lincoln Douglas- 162). There have been fetes that categorically failed with more persons than turned out in this internal election, and going further now in a General Election year, what does this say for their support base/ electoral relevance. Then again if losing ever single Corporation Controlled in the 2013 LGE, winning 3 out of 136 total seats didn’t wake the party up to the deep grave it’s in, nothing else really will…

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