Gaza: A Mix of Media and Madness…

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

What is happening on the Gaza Strip is very upsetting, and no doubt people want to express ways to help, but I’ve seen this go down paths that have ranged from very ignorant/misguided to down right silly. The same way that social media can be used to direct focus to issues that the mass media tries endlessness to distract us from, it can cause us to focus on the wrong side of ideas. Hate mongers and Hardcore Conspiracy theorists alike rejoice and bathe in the support of the masses online, many of whom are simply being exploited due to their emotional outrage at the situation at hand. Here is some clarity and rational thinking in a sea of irrational panic, flooded with the blood of the innocent.

missleUnderstand first of all that this article in no way in support of, or even neutral to Israel. What is being done to the Palestinians, and has been going on for the last few decades is a Genocide. One that the so called “World Police” and other countries that force a debacle of puppet governments to rule in a foreign nation that the invaders have caused devastation labelled as “Freedom,” have oh so conveniently turned a blind eye to. That being said, let’s press on shall we?


Supporting Palestine and Football? Someone just passed out from the share mind-blowing revelation of this

The brunt of the recent attacks on Gaza by Israel was an expertly timed event. What better cover than the world being fixed on the FIFA World Cup 2014? Persons shed tears for their favourite teams while Palestinians shed tears for lives, limbs and loved ones. A trend that caught on however was the chastising of those following the World Cup, as if supporting a football tournament and empathizng with those suffering is mutually exclusive. What made sense to the point was not to let the Tournament have you turn a blind eye to the conflict on the Strip, but with a sense of disconcern for what others may enjoy in their spare time, growing into a dangerous mold of sensationalism, we have the end message of some being “If you enjoy the World Cup, you are not concerned about Palestine.” If that is the case then I challenge those who think that to stop any recreational activity they are involved in and take up the cause full time. Hell, trade in that tennis racket for a rifle, I hear Hamas is recruiting.


Unfortunately this product never caught on in the US. Westerners seemed to be overly nervous when it came time to pull the pin

Onto the boycott crew. Yes various companies have given different forms of aid (mostly in US dollar) to Israel. However rather than it being some grand plan for Jewish supremacy, could it perhaps just be the fact that they bribed their way into the Middle Eastern market? You know, that funny thing that businesses sometimes do which is to turn a profit rather than a prophet. In a peanut shell here, basically the Middle East has resisted American influence as much as they could, with products such as Coca-Cola being seen as a symbol of American Imperialism. They have resisted to the extent that in 2002 a company was formed to produce “Mecca-Cola,” a look-alike, taste alike product to rival Coca-Cola in pro-Islamic countries. Many of the references to major world corporations funding the attacks on Gaza are clouded with unreliable sources, misinformation, and a stretched links down the supply chain. Economical ignorance or the weight of everything you read on the internet being undoubtedly true? You decide. And further to that, many media houses and major motion picture companies are run by Jews, so turn off those TVs to avoid supporting murder.


Something got really twisted in that space between thought and type.

Lastly we have come to the point of the cries of Muslims and non-Muslims alike who are sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians. Great tragedy has a way of uniting, but it also can lead to a slippery slope of hatred to an extreme point. Score of people have been calling out to God and praying for the annihilation of the Israelis and Jews alike. That is not even an exaggeration on many forums. What I believe would be a justifiable outrage would be to call for the destruction of the perpetrators of the heinous acts, even stretched as far as the fall of Israel. I can accept that fully, but I cannot accept prejudice against all Jews. In the same way we can draw the comparison to Israeli forces doing the same that Hitler did to them, prejudice towards everyone of Jewish decent is no different than labelling all Arabs as terrorists. I’ve met Jews that are standing in support of Palestine, just as there were Arabs, including my own Grandfather who fought for them in WWII to defend them. What you ask the Lord for is between you and him, but I doubt the destruction of an entire people in this sense seems like a reasonable request to the All-Knowing.

Truth be told there is little that can be done from across the globe without a massive effort. Organizations providing aid need to be monitored and checked for legitimacy and even so the help from outside can only reach to far to the isolated Strip. I report what I have above and what I can, the awareness must be raised and kept in the limelight, less we forget the injustices that are now exposed. At the same time though it doesn’t help to promote information that has its origins possibly in the basement of a man currently wearing a tin foil hat and waiting to be abducted (voluntarily) by intergalactic visitors. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s questionable by how much… My Heart and Prayers go out to all of the Palestinians who have suffered, and my sincere wish is that the violence will end soon, without adding to the rivers of blood and tears currently flowing.
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  1. Kulsum Baksh says:

    Well done.

    One of the best pieces I have read so far. Logically laid out, no emotional rantings, appealing to better sense with reason and logic . Well done.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    You bring new meaning to the word “digress”

  3. Yolande Sheppard says:

    REAL post. The truth is the truth.

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