Too Far into the Fire

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Just over 4 years ago Trinidad and Tobago was swept with a political wave. We collectively voted for change, thought we got exchange, but really we ended up with short-changed. Looking back at the Kamla-mania that many believe was really nothing more than misplaced Manning-hate, we see the country charged up again, but this time with intentions laid in plain sight, unable to hide no matter how much was paid under contract for smoke and mirrors. Back we go to the theme of Corruption, Nepotism, Rum and Roti Politics.

moneyshakeShow me a man that thinks that spending of almost $300B of our money over less than 5 years is justified, and I’ll show you a man that has either a portion of our tax dollars in his bank account, or the IQ of a potato. Corruption is nothing new in T&T, far less the rest of the world, but where is the line drawn? Perhaps at a $6M approved programme being increased to $400M without so much as a second look from the PM, or is a Life of Sport in room 201 really that important? Or maybe it is when Billions in foreign loans are taken out on our Country’s credit to facilitate bigger payouts to friends and financiers, leaving the future generation to pay it off? I would go on, but I’m not paid for my writing, unlike some others (*cough cough* state paid bloggers).

'I know you had to give him a job because he's a relative, but I still think a Press Secretary should know how to read and write.'Nepotism now…well to be fair there are relation links between many people in this country. Unfortunately some hiring practices are far from fair with merit and ability being less than secondary to those who have the right blood, or exchange other fluids, but guess that’s a whole other kettle of men, err fish… In any case, certain positions are filled with persons who have little or no clue what they are doing, which is reflected in the chaos and ‘mismanagement’ that we currently “enjoy” on a daily basis. When you cannot tell the difference between a state/board meeting and a family reunion, you know it has gone too far.
Gladiators1It is interesting that the word “Baccanal” is almost synonymous with politics in T&T, yet so few realize the root of the word itself.  Merriam-Webster defines Bacchanalia: a Roman festival of Bacchus celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry. Well here in our sweet-too-bad place, we have the ‘Rum and Roti’ mentality, and like everything else it unfortunately makes its way into politics, now more often than ever. ‘Free ting’ galore, and state coffers being used to promote the classic ‘100 days of Bread and C   ircuses’ in the Colosseum of our society, targeting at winning support from those who can be easily distracted, or outright bought off. However like the pagan festivals of old, everything is only for a timing, too bad though the honest tax payer is left to foot the bill.

So where have we reached in 4 years? Unsustainable development, facilities built to facilitate massive payouts, 10 miles of road paved 10 times to claim 100 miles were paved, Section 34s, Run-Offs, etc etc etc. Not to say that there were no good ideas or progressive plans along the way, but it seems that most of what this administration touches at some point rots and there is a scrabble always to put a public relations spin on the indefensible, by the undependable. We were no doubt in the frying pan prior to 2010, but now it seems we have taken a leap of faith right into the fire, and it’s only heating up before the 2015 election. For now, we are in the land of Corruption, Nepotism, Rum and Roti Politics.

  1. Philip says:

    Excellent disposition on the present political discourse that is affecting the present situation in TT!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This article really sums it up!

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