Massa’s Wall: Policing for Natives

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

stock-photo-a-barbed-wire-coil-mounted-on-top-of-a-brick-wall-103286357Welcome to the new series ‘Massa’a Wall,’ where we take a ‘lovely’ look at the foundation of oppression that was laid down since the days of the West African Slave Trade and transferred , then polished off into the lovely colonial system that still taints our post-Independent Society. Just a quick disclaimer that this article is not about race, it’s about the general state of affairs and what has come from decades of patch jobs on a broken system. Pressing on… Today I deal with the Policing system and what is happening in plain sight.

11357672_05To begin with we inherited a system of Policing termed ‘The Para-Military System.’ That explains much of what we see in the title itself. This was a system put into place by the colonials in many countries which they ruled (all except their own), which had the purpose of keeping the “Natives” (aka us) in line. Flashback to hundreds of cases in the last few years of police assaulting innocent citizens… Interestingly enough it was a system which by all standards of policy failed and was left for us to flop around it after Independence.


Looking past that now, we see officers armed to the teeth 24/7, as if expecting a coup while walking through Trincity Mall, and the very look of this provides citizens with a sense of fear rather than security. The wall has been built between the Police and the Public and is only being re-enforced the more heavily they are armed. Weaponry and equipment is important, but Proper First World Policing methods will win the war on crime, not an over-bearing sense of force. Efficiency is most times what you can do with less (or different), rather than what you can not do with more.

An Inspector recently died of a Heart Attack (may his soul be at rest). There have been accusations of his hand being far too heavy in dealing with citizens of certain ‘Hot Spot’ communities. I fear that a good man again got caught up in a system that taught him to uphold the wall. It doesn’t help either that those from the same communities who are involved in criminal activity champion the celebrating of the officer’s death, appearing as almost heroes to the innocent who were abused. The innocent citizens were roughed up by police and gangs alike, and now that they get a pat on the back from the wrong side, the are going with the flow, unwitting pawns in the game being played.
police_help_child.167145001_stdThe big question is “Where do we go from here?” If they wall is the problem, the wall needs to be torn down. Not necessarily by any revolution, less the rubble fall and destroy all beneath. Policing with a more people centred approach, and less broad use of force approach. A more dedicated and delicate message about preserving the rights of citizens rather than the impression of “Attacking.” There must be a systematic reform of the way we Police and the support of the public will come in a natural way, once the trust is gained. What makes a London police officer so friendly to approach and our police “Ah-Blasted Police?” A who lot, and it’s time to fix it now, before it is too late….

  1. Wilma McKenzie says:

    This MONS is too frotthy-mouthed; only spewing gangstah talk while doing nothing to appease the citizenry that crime is really on the decrease. He’s losing the battle while thumping his chest.

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