Nothing About Much Ado

Posted: January 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Cruise Ship Sinking
At a time of Panic and Instability with oil prices hitting a decade’s low at $47 a barrel (cutting our state revenue significantly), our distinguished PM puts all news stations on alert to broadcast her Address to the Nation. Trinidad and Tobago braced for a major resolution to tackle the problem and the following are some key points as she went along, with commentary. Just when we thought we would see the first PM announcement that was actually delivered on time, our ever prepared leader misplaced her glasses leaving her introducer to sweat and stall on the podium with nothing to say, allowing her to muster the breath for a top to bottom PR outburst. Somehow this seems like a true representation of what governance in TnT has been like over the last 4 years. Pressing on following this set up….

-Navigating the situation with “Responsible Fiscal Policy” that the Government has displayed
They couldn’t navigate a Partnership for more than 2 years before people were jumping overboard. On top of that 5 deficit budgets in a row, with massive foreign debt, US Dollar shortage…”Responsible Fiscal Policy”

-Maintained 3% Unemployment rate
Seems strange that this is the figure when every other person you ask (without a government party card), is complaining about finding a job. What is stranger is that this figure was expressed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and includes Cepep and URP, which the Minister of Housing boasted that the government has doubled… High praise for day-wuk that pays the same a day as 1 barrel of oil right now is valued at. Note to a variety of Ministers: Social Dependency programs are not sustainable employment.

-Private Sector Footprint Strong
The only footprint from Private Institutions under this government has been from the Boot of the large corporations boots on the necks of those not of an elite class. Most of the Private Sector has been upheld on Government Contracts, and financiers have become successful in the “Business world” off of much less merit than mamaguy,

-Staying Afloat
The impaired Captains of our economy decided to equip the Prime Minister with the statement that we will be saving $1Billion state fund by cutting back on subsidies (brace for us to feel the pinch), boasting of this even though we will be losing over $7Billion. A cheap double talk about how we can be making , yet losing at the same time….And a relation that they will be selling share of our National gas company, so now that stock price is low, they friends and financiers will be able to get approval from inside to own part of our oil wealth for generations and administrations to come regardless of who is in power.

-Moving Forward: No Social Cutbacks and Continued Projects
15% would be cut from certain Ministries, yet no Social Programs or Billions in construction projects will be reviewed or touched. First of all cutting out some of the overlapping Ministries and some of the over 30 Ministers (one of the largest Cabinets in the world), did not occur? Their Salaries, expense account, appointment salaries , etc..all of the Millions that are spend on “Jobs for de boys” would be a viable cut back but I guess it’s too much to hope for some sense of responsibility in spending. Programs won’t be reviewed, which is how we ended up with things like Lifesport run wild under this administration. And of course the big boys in building the structures that we can’t staff in poorly conceived projects can’t be touched either, campaign funding will be needed this year anyway….

In closing and again a good example of the Government’s overall policy, The Prime Minister has just mandated the Minister of Finance to monitor the Economy and situation. Which begs the question, what the hell was he doing all along? In the End, the PM Made a campaign speech with amounted to Nothing about a situation that deserved Much Ado.

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