Soca & Police

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

A video of Police opening a fire on a civilian Soca Artiste (identified as Benjai) surfaced on the News and Social Media. At first it appeared as gangsterism on the part of the Police, but upon further investigation into the matter a different story is apparent. The facts as compiled by eye witnesses reports and a closer look showed that the officers who opened fire were Presidential Escorts in the process of protecting the head of state. The Artiste was seen breaching the President’s motorcade, and was cut off as well as waved off multiple times by the marked Police Vehicle. Upon this major breach of security he continued to follow the President’s vehicle behind the marked Police SUV until an officer discharged gunfire from the window, puncturing the civilian’s vehicle’s back tyre.

Better than I can say it, Kes should show up by Benjai’s house and sing a live version of his new song ‘Look fuh dat.’ Any vehicle breaching the Head of State’s (or any guarded state vehicle for that matter) is a threat to the security of the person being guarded. The police saw little more than a car which made multiple attempts to break security and come near the president’s vehicle, choosing to first use the discretion of signalling warnings. This is far different than a man walking down the road and police blocking him off and roughing him up, or opening fire to cover up being taped, this was procedure in protecting the President from a highly possible threat (from their view).

The manner in which they disabled the vehicle was a testament to their training as the shots were far from wild, hitting the back tyre with a short burst of shots. Those who have handled weapons in anything beyond a stationary manner would know that this isn’t the simplest thing to do while hanging outside of a moving vehicle and aiming at another. That being said, The Artiste was very lucky as in the US they quite likely would have fired at the driver rather than the vehicle. Unfortunately these men who are actually trained well will have to feel the blunt of being accused of acting “recklessly” and “like bandit” from the public due to a reputation earned in recent times from inexperienced trigger happy elements of the service.

coatofarms2This is a good opportunity however to reflect on what our Rights are, as well as what they Not are. A person has the right to enjoy Freedom of Movement, but you can’t go walking through a crime scene (contaminating evidence etc). You have Freedom of Speech but can’t threaten people and curse like a $5 jamet in public (hopefully not anyway). The law has its regulations and the Constitution it’s Limits. Please ensure that along with knowing what you Can do, you know what you Cannot do. And in closing, please reflect that even if you can do something, should you do it? The above however was a case of Couldn’t, Shouldn’t, but ultimately did. Apparently, Soca didn’t give him his powers….

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