Sober Up: Party Done

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

After almost 2 months of non-stop feteing, the nation is finally (hopefully) out of the Carnival mood and ready to sober up and get back to reality. A good time for those who took out Carnival Loans or didn’t pay their Rent/Utilities I’m order to live it up for the season, to reflect on what their Priorities should have been for the month. Like a morning hangover we wake up as a country to find many missed calls on our phone, all of which last night we laughed at and ignored but realizing now that they are real and quite serious. Rising Crime, Economic Strife, and Unsettled Scandals have the place in turmoil, but apparently Kamla’s stocking and Dr. Rowley taking a wine is worthy of front page news. In any case we as a people should be able to enjoy ourselves but at the same time need to think beyond the days of Mas or we will forever be in this Carnival Slavery Mentality.

AC1Now before we make the call backs, while the shower is still refreshing us, the latest gossip being shouted to distract us from the world is the political leader of the PNM taking a wine on a young lady. To sum up what I think of this is: His wife would have every right to be against him doing it which would make it wrong, just as she would have every right to allow it making it okay, In other words, that is their business and says nothing about him as a man, leader, etc. A complete non-issue as I see it, although we trinis have this habit of walking into a burning house and cussing that there are dishes in the sink. What is past disturbing and very much disgusting however is how many persons had (whether outright or surreptitiously) seen the young lady as what was described by one grown East Indian woman described as an: “Indian slut,” and claimed that “Them Africans coming to take we daughters.” Those comments made show us just how far we have to go as a nation, and how pockets of society still grip onto racist ideals (even against their own race). Until we stop discriminating against our own people at the very least, there can be no progress anywhere else.

AC2On to the issue of Crime, first I have to give much credit to the TTPS for turning out in force, Despite wage negotiations with the government pushing the Police to threaten a no-show for Carnival, they came, they served and did so with pride. Yes a couple used their ‘service pistol’ to fend off a threatening wine, but both parties seemed to leave happy (see how much baccanal a wine causing this season). However Gangs are making mas the other 354 days of the year, Murder rate is 400 a year, Kidnappings on the rise, and Stabbings/Shootings from fights/robberies no longer make news unless there is arson or a serious horn involved. Every Minister to take office has boasted that Crime is the lowest it has ever been under their watch and further that this is the safest season ever. If this was all true then a schoolboy sprangin’ a bobby from the cafeteria jar would be breaking news, and a masquerader could be seen handing his phone to the person next to him saying “pass this to the man next to you, till it reach the back and make ah rounds,” just in case someone in the band didn’t have credit on his phone but needed to make a call.

AC3Now the Economy. Well other than the falling oil prices, according to the Government, and the Minister of Finance (who is still being accused of insider trading, and proven to have received a $10M ‘gift’ from the First Citizens Bank board), things good. Imagine watching an ocean during a drought and a fish pops up and tells you to chill, there is plenty water around. In any case US dollars are still harder to find in TnT than Wade Mark in an exam room, the Drug Trade is flourishing through our unprotected boarders. Do the math, Drug dealers aren’t paid in TTD… As for the scandals, there is still no resolve, and the Government has already punished honest witnesses, seeking still to punish the victim, and let the offenders through the back door as an easy escape from the public eye. Issues such as the Range Rover duplicates, and Prison Litigation scandal still involve matters of criminal conduct but are swept under the rug but a well timed resignation. Worse yet it seems the resignation was more about resigning the title and less about no longer being able to call the shots.

Sober yet? If not, then live for the next carnival season. Although without public safety, economic stability, and a stable state administration, there would be a lot less of a cerebration to enjoy. Nothing is wrong with enjoying yourself for the season, but understand that there is Life after Carnival. In the world of George Chambers “Fete done, back to work.”

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