Political For-Rum

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

The most important drink of the day according to the Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism

As the nation has been made aware by the numerous advertisements about, the UNC has launched their 2015 campaign with their televised Circus known as the “Monday Night Forum (http://triniworldviews.com/2013/03/27/give-them-a-show/).” Resembling less of a forum format and a more of political parade on stage filled with false ‘facts,’ fanatic yelling, and a couple of clueless candidates playing for time, this constituted more of a comic relief than genuine cause for concern. Given the following conversation behind the scenes in a backstage meeting, one can see just how shallow yet entertaining the issues go:

4rumKamla: So…how yall think it went?
Prakash: Always great Madam PM
Kamla: No Praks I need someone serious to talk, and no one gave you permission to answer.
Sanko: I know I am new here Madam PM, but I think it went very very well. I mean the PNM will really rise with this.
Kamla: I told you before Sanko, this is the U. N. C. you are in. Anil wasn’t sure if he was COP or UNC, but o gosh man keep it in the Partnership.
Prakash: Like me! No matter what I’m in the Partnership. Reshmi, Section 34, Firetruck, Prisongate, Witness tampering, I know where I stand.
Sanko: He for real?

Kamla: Just give him a doggie buscuit, he’ll be quiet. Now I need an honest opinion, when I called for a Motion of No Confidence in the Opposition Leader, did I sound like a fool? I mean I haven’t read the law on that so I’m not sure.
Anand: My lady, why do you question yourself so? Did I not in my time as AG recommend you (as well as myself) as an SC, and was it not you who approved yourself (and myself)? You are right no matter what!
Kamla: Yes but a motion of no confidence is supposed to be a measure to keep the Government accountable to Parliament, it doesn’t provide nor make sense in Law, and no Speaker of the House with half a brain would hear that.
Anand: Yes but we have Wade Mark so don’t worry. And we have the majority in Government so even if nothing comes of the vote, we will win it and it will make a good headline. Imagine though, if we could really have the power to remove the Opposition at our whim.
Kamla: Yes but you went and waste the citizen’s trust since Section 34, so we can’t get a law like that passed, not at the moment anyway.

4rum 3Sanko: Permit me to enter this conversation, my Associate’s degree in English makes me think you should reword what you all are saying.
Anand: Stick to kicking ball boy, I was twisting the law and in scandals before you even sign a single SIS deal.
Kamla: Quite right, he is still the de facto AG.
Nicholas: Well I am the appointed AG, so do you think I can get a word in? Or at least appoint a single member of my staff?
Anand: Watch nuh, dem boys take a lot to be there.
Kamla: Come on, we know it is only a little.
Anand: Okay fair enough, but I still in charge.
Nicholas: Got it, sorry. Anyone against it, ALL AH DEM IS PNM anyway
Anand: That’s my line.
Sanko: Daz yuh job too.

Kamla: One last thing. We said that PNM was responsible for the 1932 Labour riots. PNM wasn’t formed in 1954?
Anand: Look, simple logic, PNM always wrong, so if they say they were formed in 1954, and we say they were behind a 1932 riot, they are wrong and we are right.
Kamla: Okay just making sure.
Sanko: Another issue, we said there were 15 000 people in attendance, but I wanted to run a small goal sweat at the meeting and couldn’t make enough for 2 teams.
Anand: There were a few hundred, I think, the pictures showed at least a classroom full.
Kamla: Like no one get the memo? The ones who did would have seen that many, I personally did.
Sanko: What memo, there was one before the Forum?
Kamla: No no no, you all have it wrong from the get go. It is the Monday night for Rum.
All in unison: Oooooo!

The lights dim as the politicians exits, newly leased Helicopters at $2000USD an hr and 12 man security teams at the ready. All at tax payer’s expense.

4rum 4

The sentiments of any serviceman who takes on the rubbish the politicians push in their ears on assignment

This was a piece of Satire to draw relevance to matters proclaimed on the platform and is not an actual/factual conversion between the persons mentioned (as far as we know anyway).

  1. Wilma McKenzie says:

    I was thinking the other day that no one seemed to be aware that there may be something amiss with the lawyer/witness situation. It was only when the PM mentioned the ‘witness’ thiing that all those hangers-on and misfits found the guts to open their mouths.

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