May the Farce be with You

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

farceA Farce is defined in theatre as ‘A comedy that aims at entertaining the audience through situations that are highly exaggerated, extravagant, and thus improbable.’ A good example of this would be the notion of the new Political Movement known as the Third Force. Like many political movements filled with political wanna-bes and never-beens, it is unclear whether they are going left or right, but it is certain that everything being said pushes them in a downward direction. However let’s exam them based on what they present to us.

31The line up of candidates, if it were not for the banner int he background, would fool anyone into thinking they were in a Congress of the People rally. For those unaware, the COP use to be a party long long ago, in a political spectrum far far away. Most of the executive of the party up until recently were COP members, who for the last administration over the course of 5 years have profited heavily from the current Government. Now that the election bell has run, and the gravy train has been directed into more narrow rails, all of us sudden there is a conscious grown among a select group?

'You must close your eyes during grace.'The Third Force however has a very strong basic stance they keep repeating as the core policy of their movement: Transparency in “Campaign Financing,” and “Procurement Legislation.” So naturally, like an overly homophobic man who secretly questions his sexuality, they become shocked and confused when accused of being a little too over zealous in their beliefs. Asked on air about their financiers, the Party Leader becomes irate, claiming that they will not reveal where their financing is coming from, stating it puts them at an unfair disadvantage. Take that how you will. At least they can be taken serious in calling for procurement legislation to be strengthened… If an executive member wasn’t currently the Chairman of the state agency which awards Road Works contracts, which have spent billions and been accused of unfair awarding of contracts by the Jr. Minister…not to mention a large balance of members that were receiving Millions for contracts awarded in far less than professional settings. Hypocrisy that would make Jack Warner jealous…

33To add to the stage play, enters those in the Movement who claim to be “Independent.” Candidates running under a new political party are calling themselves “independent,” yet they are part of a party. They are calling their party “independent,” which contradicts having a party in the first place. And now they are starting up a movement to bring “independent” parties together to form a coalition… I hope their Education policy doesn’t utilize the same dictionary that they learnt from. Furthermore, the more they attempt to claim to be different, they engage in the same hypocritical claims, mudslinging, and inconveniencing of communities while rallying that have people disenfranchised with the current 2 party system.

The Third Force consists of the Alliance of Independents, the NAR (yep, the 1990 NAR), a gaggle of disgruntle ex-COP, and whoever certain candidates could pay to wear a jersey. The ground that they are trying to capitalize on is one that the COP wasted 5 years ago by not only joining the UNC, but by staying with them through the rampant corruption and abuse of office, all for self gain. There will certainly be room in the future for a real “Third Party,” but now is not the time, and their way is not the way. We reach the conclusion of finding much of the same that has been presented to us since the fateful days of the NAR until the recycled mess we have now. Until then we have a straight up PNM vs UNC battle, with a Farce entertaining us on the side.

Until then, just sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the show, May the Farce be with You.

  1. Wilma McKenzie says:

    Good article (exception for destractions of ‘typos’. I have not noticed anywhere where the PP/UNC had one negligible thing to say about the 3rd force. Leads me to believe that they’re the real 3rd branch of the governing party (for now). I wish I was a fly on the wall when Yet Ming & Co sat on the stage of the PM not so long ago. Was it then to strategize this plan?

    I watch n wait with a bag of nuts – the ones with the shell) so that I have something to squeeze, while the show goes on!

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