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The Dark Knight in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice:

olxnfypzdjyrvz2kyv8kBen Affleck gave us a Batman that we have never before seen on the big screen but stayed for the most part true to the Frank Miller graphic novel. This gritty, darker knight that we saw, from his persona to his costume is as real as it gets when it comes to a Bruce Wayne who has pulled back on crime fighting, only to be dragged back in by Gotham’s re surge of violent organized crime and his own personal demons. This seems to only measure as half true indicated by his apparent age bracket of being less than retirement, but still old enough to justify his current image. While this is not apparent in the film to anyone who wasn’t exposed to the comic, given the lack of true character development this slips by (however this could branch out into a separate movie entirely). His fighting style and general disposition hint that he has become jaded, but not so much so to let it overtake him. Collateral damage at times he accepted without a second thought or regret, however only when in pursuit of matters involving Superman.

It can be said much to the fans dismay that he was overly emotional, and allowed his tunnel vision in the film to be manipulated by a whim and a thought of his own, paired by prodding from Luther. The film even nodded to the very ole school portrayal of Batman as a master detective, yet he was fooled so easily it seems. What could have clouded the ultimate DC tactician to the point of blind rage and obsession (well obsession isn’t much of a stretch but still)? It was a point of sympathy border lining humour how many times we saw Thomas and Martha Wayne being killed and Bruce’s subsequent trauma in this film alone. This though brings it together in either subtle genius or subconscious screenwriting, especially with the epic opening.

thumb-350-489335Superman was to Batman a metaphor for the Gun that killed his parents (particular focus being placed on the gun in every scene of their murders). In the opening he held a little girl closely as Superman and the Kryptonians’ battle claimed the life of her mother (as well as other Wayne Enterprises employees). Bruce looked on helplessly but the rage in his eyes was clear. His obsession and blindness in his quest to combat the “threat” of Superman has a rational basis but a personal overtone. Just as when he was a kid and helplessly watched his parents being killed, he watched Superman as the same gun but being held to mankind. This was the ultimate personification of his trauma, and the ultimate redemption from the feeling of helplessness. This extended beyond simply killing Superman but showing himself that Superman could be defeated, that he was not a helpless little boy anymore.

This goes to explain the criticism some have thrown on Batman’s sudden emotional shift when hearing the name of his mother from Superman’s lips and then subsequently rushing to her rescue her. This scene justifies this theory further as the shock of hearing her name from him shows just how close to the surface this issue was in his reaction as a ‘hero’ during the whole dilemma. His rush to her aid as well without a second thought and ferocity in her rescue again cements what his true mission is. His team up with Superman to fight Doomsday ended up being the cliché ‘Heroes unite’ motif, and it is yet to be seen how burying Superman has affected frankmiller-asbar-child-01him burying his trauma.