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This is going to be short, sweet, and to the point to clear up the various misconceptions and plain out STUPID and seemingly Functionally illiterate ‘researched’ statuses. Dr. Google, and Professor youtube, along with their students are going to have to take a backseat for this one.

The public has been bombarded with images recently of the new traffic enforcement measures being implemented by the TTPS via the LIDAR speed gun system. First of all LIDAR is NOT Radar. The following outlines the differences, however I’ll sum it up here: LIDAR uses lazer technology as opposed to Radar tech. Meaning LIDAR is superior in readings and precision. Much less room for error.

Quality of Units
A number of popular FB pages have been gathering support making fun of out TTPS and the systems purchased because it looks out of date, when they put pictures of US law enforcement using radar guns next to them. The 6 units the TTPS are using are TRU CAM LIDAR systems, which are WAY more advanced than the radar guns some US agencies still use due to budgetary restrictions. Ours are more precise and have a camera system built in. Believe it or not, a lot of small police and sheriff departments in the US struggle more for funding than we do locally, with monies having to be approved by their individual city/town councils.

Cost of Units
All the sudden internet subject matter experts seem are seeming to have field day posting pictures of their thesis like research, and showing their advanced technological presentation knowhow by screen -shotting their unquestionable findings. The units that cost under 100USD that they have graciously drawn our attention to are cheap and ineffective bushell Radar guns. The advanced LIDAR guns which the TTPS has acquired essentially a test batch of costs 4000-5000USD via LIDAR retail agents.

$14 Million Dollar cost
The $14 Million dollar cost for 50 Units, which is being spread like wildfire to show corruption in the current government is a moot point at best, and blatant, willful propaganda at worst (and most prevalent). NO MONEY WAS PAID AND NONE WERE BOUGHT. The previous government under with Steven Cadiz approved a $14 Budget for the purchase of 400 speed guns, which was then reduced to 50 (much to the excitement of his Arrive Alive buddies who specialize on regulation by vaps and feelings). Tenders came in, but the process was halted. The TTPS on a separate speed (no pun intended) arranged the use of the 6 guns close to cost price.


Personal opinion (just for good measure and because I like to talk out a topic):
This is a classic example of Trinidad and Tobago being caught in a legislative and administrative time warp. First of all, speed guns should have been introduced years ago, and now that they are finally ready to go legally, we find the law outdated and to the determent of society. The speed limit should have been researched and be changed BEFORE the introduction of lidar guns. This new arrangement is based on ancient limits and arbitrary law when motor vehicles were not as widely used cross country, and when their safety features were significantly in want.

That being said I DO NOT agree with this move in the manner it is being implemented and see it as a revenue trap for those unlucky to be caught driving over 80kph (by the total of 6 radar guns being used), and a total farce as far as enforcing road rules to prevent accidents. If you want to prevent accidents, have the limit re-assessed, raised to something modern and up to date, and buy more lidar guns to enforce harshly the new law. On top of that watch for those driving totally reckless as they cause accidents at any speed, fatal and otherwise.

Some food for thought to those putting this in place, if a vehicle is going ridiculously over the speed limit, would the police give chase knowing they wouldn’t catch and put additional lives in danger? If so, would it then be a case where the new diving norm dictates to drive either under the limit or ridiculous over it to avoid being caught?


This is what happens when we introduce First world technology, and pair it with Third world thinking….