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Trumping a Nation

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Uncategorized


The year in US Politics, and certainly the remainder of this year is going to be one to remember for a long time to come. Whether a drastic turning point, or a blip in the radar of time, many of us will be turning back asking the proverbial “What the hell?” While the media plays on the outrageous nature of Trump’s golden headlines in substitute for engaging stories, we are faced with 2 dilemmas manipulating the U.S.A.; the media, and the voters.

07To address the easier one here first, the media will run what is selling papers and online hits. Some accuse it of being a liberal agenda, and while there is always the “agenda” factor, I believe it to be above all business as usual (i.e. sell sell sell). If your  customers want burgers but you insist on stocking steak, either buy some minced beef or close up shop. Racism sells, violence sells, ignorance to the highest order sells. It’s the same concept that has the dozens of blogs now with hundreds of thousands of hits reporting on “daily news” and “historical facts,” when in fact it’s sensationalist, un-vetted tabloid dribble, but I digress. This brings me into a substantial consideration of the Trump campaign. Is this all deliberate?

Trump CardsMany are left in shock of Trump’s statements, wondering how someone so apparently stupid and ignorant could have gotten this far in the race. And that is my whole point here, is he that stupid, or is he that smart? How could such an unimpressive and to a large extent ridiculous candidate have gotten the nomination (and by the margin he did), and why the hell are we still even talking about him? This could well be a case of “no publicity is bad publicity” media plan. The Trump name has been kept alive in this campaign by pseudo-scandals and puff pieces on rallies. As the noise dies down, a tweet or other overt means of communication is used to get out a statement that will have the public gasp at the ludicrousy of it. Any doubt in my mind that this is the plan is usually settled by this very notion: we are still talking and reading about him almost daily…

Onto now the Trump supporter. The stereotypical Blue collar hick by day, KKK by night that they are pegged as, is a major part of the problem of why there is such a large portion of the population that supports Trump and similar characters (if any exist). In the similar trend of prejudice being a one way street, we’ll get the sarcasm out of the way and just say now that a black man isn’t to be harmed no matter what the circumstance or criminal conduct, and that a white man is only to be harmed in a similar situation if it isn’t by police. The hierarchy of broad brush prejudice goes something like that nowadays. The lack of understanding and communication and similarly shamming of large pockets of society by more “progressive” groups and leaders alike has essentially ostracized the former and made them cling to whatever they see as a different way. Many would prefer to break the system than to continue feeling ignored and oppressed by it. Sound familiar historically?

hillaryclinton-scandals-vs-donaldtrump-attrib-afbranco-comicallyincorrect-051716The wave of new neo-liberalism and leaders that try to open dialogue so much about modern ideals that they ironically close off communication with those who think differently, or are simply unsure of the changes around them. This has left those groups of thinkers in the dust and in the same boat with those who refuse to think alike (although there are those who push the same mindless rhetoric on both sides of the fence). It now ends up being less of a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and more of “the enemy of me must be my enemy’s friend!” So what are we left with sociologically? Only the groups who are polarized on either end speaking out and fueling the fear and ignorance that is now dividing chunks of America like never before. Similar to 2008 where to oppose Obama meant you were labeled as a racist, if you mention Trump as you preferred choice you are labeled the same. If you still doubt the seriousness of this division and are sitting down thinking that only the most buck toothed hillbilly make up the entirety of Trump supporters, take another look at the actual poles. Elections aren’t decided by Twitter and Blog opinions (such as this fantabulous one), they are decided by votes, some choose to speak with their voting hand and not say a word.

Since I’ve used up  my usual word limit and with the interest of keeping this article within it’s scope, I’ll just say this about Hillary Clinton: Classified E-mails, State Department Nazism, Clinton Foundation funding. Given the current electoral situation, no matter who wins and for what reasons, America will still lose overall for the next 2 terms.