The Continuous Crime…

Posted: July 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

A Babysitter and child with their throat slit, a Chinese national stands up to be shot down, and an honest prominent businessman kidnapped. Soulless murders, displays of violence to resistance, and the sparking of the high rate kidnapping industry once again. This is the state we have reached, and these events, while happening in isolation paint a grim picture of the path we are already far down.

A 56 year old baby sitter and a 13 year old child were tied up and had their throats slit, the boy’s mother weeping uncontrollably. It is suspected to be a ‘normal’ and random robbery, however it is suspected that the woman was tortured and raped, and the boy’s throat was slit so violently that the vertebrate of his spinal column was damaged. Imagine coming home to find out that was the fate of your family member. One man commented they had to have been high on something to watch these innocent persons and slice them ear to ear, another said they must have been possessed. The more rational answer would be that those saying that are out of touch with the mentality and M.O. of the young criminal element.

Ricky Garcia (former Councillor for a Burgess in Diego Martin) commented once that the boys he sees on the ground now have “dolly eyes,” i.e. the soulless and void of emotion that eyes of a doll have. The lines of conscience are non existent as half of them believe what they do is right, and the other half don’t care either way as they do what they want, when they want. At best the bahaviour is A-moral, at worst (and most times the case) plain out malicious and evil in nature. Where does this leave us? With no resolve and another pair of innocent dying in vain.

The Chinese have been recent targets of the perpetual crime spree that has become normal everyday life in Trinidad and Tobago. As much as the rhetoric of the Chinese mafia seems like the whimsical cop out explanation, the reality is that they are being affected by the same low life daily crime that affects the rest of the population. In some regard now they are probably more targeted than most others as Chinese business persons due to heavy cash on hand and late closing hours seem to be primary targets. One Chinese woman who was fed up being robbed and intimidated by criminals stood up, and for her bravery out of total frustration she was rewarded with a gunshot and the end of her life. Again seemingly in vain, and possibly giving the criminals a sense of empowerment.

A prominent businessman was kidnapped this week and a ransom of $270 000 was paid for his release. A small group of criminals have made more money this month than most of us will make in 3-5 years of work. A single man there just got what your yearly salary is for one “wuk.” Let that sink in. Worse yet is what this could indicate for Trinidad and Tobago’s crime situation as every criminal, big and small, have been reminded that crime does pay, and it pays big, depending on how brutal and swift you are. Micheal Aboud (Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services Limited) said years ago about the danger of “copy cats” who are less seasoned criminals that would tend to go wild at news like this and have even less regard for the life and health of their kidnapped victims, in some cases seeing rape and torture as a normal thing to do given their power in the situation.

Take all of the above and add the fact that today we have possibly 100 + small gangs, a few “mega gangs” with hundreds of members each. Add to that enough guns and ammo to arm even the smallest child among them, and we can see that these 3 incidents that took place less than 24 hours apart are just the tip of the iceberg. Our sweet TnT has become a sweet haven for those who do wrong, a constant place of fear for those who want to live in peace, and a place of indifference to those who Jammin’ still…

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